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ScrapeBox currently contains 33 free addons as well as the dozens of features that can perform a variety of tasks, these can be downloaded from within ScrapeBox. So by purchasing ScrapeBox you have lifetime access to all the addons below.

The addons can be downloaded in ScrapeBox by clicking the “Addons” menu which will bring up the window below containing the list of available addons and their versions. Then simply select the addon and click Install and it will be added to ScrapeBox. Also at the bottom of this page are 3 stand-alone tools marked (Free) and these are available for everyone, even if you do not own ScrapeBox.

You can also view video tutorials for many of the addons on our YouTube Channel where we have over 100 video’s covering ScrapeBox, the Addons and Plugins.

Checkout What You Get With ScrapeBox!

Anchor Text Checker

Anchor TextThe Anchor Text Checker allows you to scan your sites backlinks to see and analyze the anchor text.

See more… Anchor Text Checker

Article Scraper

Anchor TextScrape Articles from a number of article directories with the free article scraper addon.

See more… Article Scraper Addon

Bulk Domain Resolver

Bulk Domain ResolverWith the Bulk Domain Resolver you can resolve the IP, Country, City and co-ordinates of domains.

See more… Bulk Domain Resolver

Mass Alexa Checker

Mass Alexa CheckerThe Mass Alexa Checker Addon allows you to bulk check the Alexa rankings for a list of websites.

See more… Mass Alexa Checker

Mass Backlink Checker

Mass Backlink CheckerWith the Mass Backlink Checker you can fetch your sites or competitors backlinks for analysis.

See more… Mass Backlink Checker

Page Authority Addon

page-authorityIf you need to check a list of domains to see if the PageRank is fake, then this free addon can do it.

See more… Page Authority Addon

ScrapeBox Alive Checker

Alive Website CheckerThe Alive Checker Addon enabled you to scan a list of URL’s or Domains and report if they are Alive or Dead.

See more… Alive Checker Addon

Broken Links Checker

Broken Links CheckerThe Broken Links Checker helps you find broken links on your sites, or find expired domains for registration.

See more… Broken Links Checker

Google Cache Extractor

Google Cache ExtractorFetch the last cached dates of all your URL’s from Google to find potential problems using the Cache Data Extractor.

See more… Google Cache Extractor

But Wait… There’s More!

Google Competition Finder

Google Competition FinderFetch the amount of search results for your keywords in broad or exact match to find the competition.

See more… Google Competition Finder

Malware & Phishing Filter

Malware & Phishing FilterClean up URL lists by scanning them with the malware and phishing filter addon and remove bad domains.

See more… Malware & Phishing Filter

Outbound Link Checker

Outbound Link Checker Scan all your pages internal and external outbound links when doing SEO audits and create Excel reports.

See more… Outbound Link Checker

Google Images Scraper

Google Images ScraperScrape and download images from Google Images based on keywords, size and license types.

See more… Google Images Scraper

Mass URL Shortener

Mass URL Shortener Convert that big list of long URL’s in to short or tiny URL’s, even add your own custom URL sources.

See more… Mass URL Shortener

Page Authority Addon

Page Authority Addon Bulk check the page authority, domain authority, and Moz rank for a list of URL’s or domains.

See more… Page Authority Addon

Link Extractor Addon

Link Extractor AddonExtract both internal and external links from websites, apply numerous filters with Excel export.

See more… Link Extractor Addon

Mobile Site Tester

Mobile Site TesterMass test URL’s and Websites for mobile device compatibility and get exact scores of each mobile attribute.

See more… Mobile Site Tester

Page Scanner Addon

Page Scanner Addon Scan web pages and locate specific text, html, images and other information for thousands of URL’s.

See more… Page Scanner Addon

Not Done Yet… Still More!

Rapid Indexer Addon

Rapid Indexer AddonRapidly index new web pages or backlinks with the click of a button with the Rapid Indexer Addon.

See more… Rapid Indexer Addon

TDNAM Scraper

TDNAM ScraperGet aged and PageRank domains for peanuts by using the TDNAM cloesout auctions scraper addon.

See more… TDNAM Scraper

Free Dupe Remove

Free Dupe RemoveRemove duplicate domains and duplicate URL’s, split large files, merge lists with this free addon.

See more… Free Dupe Remove

Sitemap Scraper Addon

Sitemap Scraper AddonScrape all the URL’s from websites using the Sitemap Scraper, included with the ability to do deep crawls.

See more… Sitemap Scraper Addon

Vanity Name Checker

Vanity Name CheckerCheck to see what vanity names are taken or available from a large number of Web 2.0 sites.

See more… Vanity Name Checker

Free Dofollow Test

Free Dofollow TestMass check all your backlinks and analyze which are nofollow and which are dofollow with this free tool.

See more… Free Dofollow Test

Social Checker Addon

Social Checker AddonBulk check the social metrics for websites such as FaceBook Likes, Tweets, Pinterest and more.

See more… Social Checker Addon

Whois Scraper

Whois ScraperPerform bulk whois lookups and scrape emails, phone numbers, names and domain owners details.

See more… Whois Scraper

Free Link Checker

Free Link CheckerSee if your backlinks exist on web pages by bulk scanning them with the free link checker tool.

See more… Free Link Checker

And… Three more

Redirect Checker

Redirect Checker AddonCheck URL’s that redirect to find the destination URL of the redirect, and export to xlsx or txt

See more… Redirect Checker


Social Account Scraper

Social Account ScraperMass scan websites and extract social media profile links from FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+

See more… Social Account Scraper

Google Meta Scraper

Google Meta ScraperScrape the Title, Description and URL’s returned in the Google search results for multiple keywords.

See more… Google Meta Scraper