Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the simple things

Q. How many PC’s can a single license be used on?
A. ScrapeBox is a single PC license so only one, you can transfer your license once per month for free in case you get a new PC or reformat Windows.
Q. I've heard about ScrapeBox v2.0 is this true?

A. Yes, as of January 2015 we have made a 2.0 version available to all registered users. This features full Unicode and UTF-8 support so it works with virtually every language, native 64-Bit version as well as many substantial feature and speed improvements. This update is free for customers with a valid ScrapeBox v1 license.

We have released hundreds of updates since then, and ScrapeBox v2.1.35 is available in 2023. Please checkout the changelog

Q. What are ScrapeBox Addons, and how much do they cost?

A. ScrapeBox Addons are included completely free with the purchase of ScrapeBox, here you can see a list of the 33 Free Addons. They are small tools which add even more features to ScrapeBox, and can be installed individually allowing you to ‘mix-n-match’ the features you want.

Q. Is ScrapeBox a monthly or yearly subscription?
A. No it’s a one-time payment for a lifetime license.
Q. Is ScrapeBox updated, and how much do updates cost?

A. Yes ScrapeBox is updated “very” frequently, you can view the changelog here and all updates are totally free. There’s been over 400 updates since ScrapeBox was released in 2009 making it one of the most updated tools of it’s kind ever built. It’s also been rebuilt from the ground up in 2015 for ScrapeBox v2.0 and you can view the huge amount of enhancements here. And that’s not even including all the new free addons and hundreds of addon updates.

Q. I'm thinking of buying ScrapeBox where can i get more info before purchasing?

A. You can see screenshots in our Gallery, watch over 100 tutorial video’s on our YouTube channel Here or see Looplines ScrapeBox FAQ website.

ScrapeBox is one of the most popular tools of it’s kind, and there are hundreds of independent third party reviews, guides, video’s and resources.

Q. After i purchase, how do i receive the software?

A. You will receive an email within a few minutes with the download link and activation instructions. PayPal also offers a “Return to Merchant” link after payment on their website, which you can click to return to the download page. Please double check your spam or junk mail folder if the email did not arrive.

Q. What other payment options do you have, can i pay by eCheck or BitCoin?

A. Yes we only accept payments via PayPal and payments by eCheck are subject to clearance before your license is activated. We also accept payment by credit card payments such as Mastercard and Visa through PayPal without requiring an PayPal account. We can also accept BitCoin, please contact support for the BitCoin address.

Q. What platforms does ScrapeBox run on?

A. ScrapeBox is a Windows and Apple Mac software. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 2003/2008/2012/2019 Server on both 32 and 64 Bit as well as Apple Mac up to v14 Sonoma.. It will also work under Windows emulation such as Parallels, VMWare, BootCamp etc on Linux. Also users can run ScrapeBox on a cheap Windows VPS and connect to it via Remote Desktop. It does not work on WINE.

Q. Does ScrapeBox work on a Mac?

A. YES, we have developed a native Mac version of ScrapeBox and we now have Mac licenses available. ScrapeBox will work on Apple Mac up to v13 Ventura, it does not currently work on v14 Sonoma. Also at this stage not every feature has been converted to the Mac,  there are still minor features not included and a number of premium plugins which are unavailable and still in development. We are working to have those available as soon as possible.

Q. How do the different Mac and PC licenses Work?
A. Mac and PC licenses can be purchased from our website using the same “Add to Cart” button. After purchase you will be sent the download page link where you can choose to install either the PC or Mac version of ScrapeBox. If you choose to activate the product on Windows, then your license can only be used on Windows machines and if you activate the product on a Mac it can only be used on Mac operating systems.

Switching the license from one platform to another is not possible, for example if you have a PC license and change computers to a Mac you will need to purchase another license to use the Mac version. Likewise if you have a Mac license, you will need to purchase an additional license to also run ScrapeBox on a PC.

Q. What languages does ScrapeBox support?

A. It supports the UTF-8, Unicode and ANSI character sets, so it supports languages such as English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese.

As of June 2015 we have released ScrapeBox v2.0 and this version features full Unicode support, and also comes in a native 64-bit version.

Q. How do i transfer my license to another computer, or re-activate it after reformatting Windows?

A. There’s no need to contact support, simply run ScrapeBox on the new PC or OS and click the “Activate” button. Enter your original purchase details and click “Submit Activation Details”. You will need to know your purchase Email and your Transaction ID provided by PayPal.

Q. What happens if i have lost all my license details?

A. Please contact support with your purchase email address, and we will resend all your license info to your purchase address along with instructions on transferring your license. If you cannot access your purchase email, you will need to contact PayPal and recover your transaction ID or obtain it from the receipt emailed to by PayPal.

If you cannot access or don’t remember your purchase address, and cannot obtain your Transaction ID from PayPal, your inbox or your PC unfortunately there’s no way to recover your license. So when purchasing ensure you save your license Email and Transaction ID in a safe place, we will recover lost license details once per license.

Please allow up to 48 hours for support or accounting to recover your purchase and license details. We will recover lost details ONCE only.

Q. I submitted a license transfer and it did not work?

A. The most common reason for a license transfer not working is you entered the wrong license details, or you have already used your free license transfer for the month. So please check you entered the correct license details, your license Email and Transaction ID must be correct or the transfer will fail.

Also ensure you have not used your free license transfer for the month, and you have downloaded the latest version of ScrapeBox from the download page. If this is not the case, please contact support.

Q. Do you allow buying and selling cheap second hand ScrapeBox licenses?

A. No, we tried in the past however most of these second hand licenses have caused problems with sellers claiming the license was hacked and attempting to get the license back after receiving the money, or people trying to sell licenses purchase with stolen credit cards which is later disputed with PayPal or the bank.

They also cause a huge load on support staff mediating between buyer and seller, trying to determine who the real owners of licenses are due to bad deals, terminating and re-assigning license to different details, complaints from being ripped off etc. Some people have sold the one license to several other people at once, collected everyone’s money and vanished. ScrapeBox is an affordable one time purchase, and the risks and support overheads far outweigh the potential few dollar savings. So unfortunately we cannot transfer licenses to other peoples names and emails once registered, nor can we assist in providing or recovering license details you purchased from someone else.

Q. Can i share my license with someone else?

A. To share your license with someone requires you giving them all your license details which means they will have full control over your license indefinitely. In our experience sharing licenses with friends, colleague’s, outsourcer’s etc almost always ends in problems and large amounts of tech support due to license problems. Therefore we do not permit licenses to be shared, and you are responsible for keeping your license details secure. Will will not provide support for shared licenses.

Q. Is the Microsoft .Net Framework required?

A. No it’s not, ScrapeBox is totally self contained like a portable app and it makes no changes to your PC or Registry and doesn’t need installing it just runs. It also does not require Java, Silverlight or Adobe AIR to be installed.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for Private Proxies or Windows Servers for running ScrapeBox?
A. Yes we personally use as our proxy supplier and PowerUpHosting VPS for our day to day running and testing of ScrapeBox.
Q. Can i use screenshots or logo’s from for my service?
A. If you have a product or services that uses ScrapeBox such as offering backlinks, lists produced by ScrapeBox, supplying proxies designed for use in ScrapeBox or offering ScrapeBox services then yes sure feel free to use relevant images and logo’s from

We have a large number of companies who have built very successful businesses based around ScrapeBox which is great to see.

Q. I’ve heard ScrapeBox is a blackhat tool, is this true?

A. No not really, ScrapeBox has a huge amount of white hat features and applications and is used by Fortune 500 companies along with some of the largest SEO and Inbound Marketing agencies online. It’s also been featured on the big screen at various search marketing events around the world such as SMX and SES.

For example there’s an awesome link building guide by Neil Patel from called the Advanced Guide to Link Building, well worth reading it all not just the ScrapeBox chapter.

Ultimate Guide to ScrapeBox by Jacob at has written a huge guide on various uses and features of ScrapeBox.

A huge post by the folks at with a very cool ScrapeBox White Hat SEO Guide.

An article by Marty from on Excavating keywords, a post by Jason Mun Using ScrapeBox for good, a writeup by Elephate on the Whitehat Guide to ScrapeBox SEO and a post by Chris at on ScrapeBox Techniques just to name a few.

But alas ScrapeBox can also do things such as submit blog comments and trackbacks, which yes has been used by many for not so white-hat activities. ScrapeBox is just a tool, it can be used in thousands of different ways this is up to you.

Q. I have questions not answered here can i contact you?

A. Sure you can submit any questions using the contact form and we will be in touch typically within 12 hours.

Q. I am having problems connecting to the servers are they down?

A. The primary and backup servers are monitored by Pingdom 1 minute monitoring, below is their uptime history for the last 30 days, and here you can find more detailed reports for the Primary Server and Backup Server

Primary Server Secondary Server