ScrapeBox v2.0 Changelog

Changelog for ScrapeBox v2

ScrapeBox v2 Features

  • Native 64-bit Version
  • Support for all languages
  • Handling of Unicode and UTF-8
  • Re-sizable GUI
  • Cloud File Saving
  • Fully Support HTTPS
  • Fully Supports Gzip
  • Faster Threads
  • Substantial Improvements



Scrapebox v2.0

Below is the changelog for ScrapeBox v2.0 up until v2.1.0.28 which was released on 19th July 2022.

The old ScrapeBox v1.0 changelog from 2009 until 2015 with over 400 changes is archived on the ScrapeBox v1 changelog page.

All users with a ScrapeBox v1.0 license can update to ScrapeBox v2.0 free and receive the features below: File encoding added to open dialog of keyword memo Freezing when installing into ScrapeBox V1 folder fixed Fixed a bug related to plugins Added “Prefix harvester urls with http://” to “More List Tools” button When saving a poster project, the windows did not close Windows server 2008 related issue with startup of ScrapeBox Refresh of proxy manager grid caused a crash when clicking “Apply” Bug fixed in PageRank check Marked socks proxies “lost” their socks marker Fix in detailed harvester, where harvested list was not freed. Fixed file in use exception when importing urls into harvester, loading keywords or proxies Bug fixed where connection and timeout settings displayed 111 Code added to remove duplicate proxies when server proxies are used Major bug in poster fixed (poster crashed instantly when started) Minor cosmetic bug fixed in poster, where the number of active threads did not update “Import Url List to compare” fixed (lists have been merged instead of compared) Added the ability to select multiple lists when “Import and Add Url Lists” is used Keyword scraper: eBay fixed Keyword scraper: “Remove keywords containing/not containing entries from…” fixed Keyword scraper: Added selection of keyword and delete selected keywords Added to Automator “Import and Add urls into Harvester” Added command line parameters to run automator jobs. Added “Compare with existing list and remove duplicates” to proxy manager’s filter menu Fixed a minor bug in proxy harvester Fixed bug in index check Added code to prevent running multiple instances out of the same folder which could destroy .ini files Added automator command ShutDown ScrapeBox to shutdown scrapebox immediately Removed obsolete export button on poster Added Edit button on keyword scraper to edit the google engines Fixed a bug where html entities have not been decoded in Keyword Scraper Fixed bug of Email Grabber -> Filter where not all filter entries could be saved Fixed bug in pagerank lookup causing access violation when more threads than urls are used Fixed bug in index checker causing access violation when more threads than urls are used Added export indexed and not indexed urls to harvester export popup menu Added Redo on index checker Link checker export as csv now create a .csv file instead of a .txt file Changed behavior of “Select url list to compare” and “Select url list to compare on domain level” Fixed a bug in emailgrabber -> abort, causing an access violation Added a new, large button to list editor to save the list back to where the list came from Fixed autoload proxy file select button will now close the dialog instantly Added code for contacts form poster Added sorting of harvester columns Fixed bug where keywords are shuffled when removing dups Harvested urls via automator will append if the file exist Added to Export Urls button “Export as HTML” Added to Export Urls button “Export and Split” Added to Export Urls button “Export and Randomize” Speeded up “Compare on domain level” function Max. open browser (right click on harvester grid) popup confirmation dialog Fixed Email Grabber filter feature Changed behavior of “Remove urls containing entries from” Fixed a bug in domain lookup Bug in keyword memo fixed Added %domain% for comments in poster, which will be replaced with the domain the user is posting to Fixed counter of proxy manager (completed records) Marker %domain% (target domain), %newline% (newline) added to poster comments Added encoding for export/save functions, now Unicode, UTF-8, ANSI, UTF-7 and BigEndian Unicode ChangeLog function corrected Check Indexed – Counter for indexed and not indexed entries Check Indexed – Keeping only indexed urls and remove everything else Check Indexed – Export indexed and not indexed urls Compare urls automator command added Export and Split automator command added Export and Randomize automator command added Fixed paste from clipboard, now remove empty lines Fixed a small issue with poster Fixed bug in harvester where autoload proxies are skipped Fixed bug in LinkChecker where it did not find all links Fixed bug in LinkChecker where export error urls failed Changed whois code for “Check unregistered domains” DNS rotation integrated in “Check unregistered domains” Added code to custom harvester to load proxies from file every xxx minutes (experimental) Added “Import Engines” on Harvester Configuration Added adjustable proxy retries for pagerank in the proxy dropdown menu on the PageRank window. Added “Do not reload urls into harvester grid” on the harvester dialog->option button Fixed a small bug in harvester and detailedharvester Urls pasted or imported to harvester grid are now checked for http:// and https:// Fixed a bug in authentication with the server Improved speed of “Select Url List to Compare” and “Select Url List to Compare on Domain level” Improved speed of “Remove urls containing/not containing…” Added processing of https urls in proxy manager Allowing only urls with http/https to import into harvester can be toggled via Options menu Custom harvester -> Pause: The harvested url file is no longer locked when in pause mode Added engine export on harvester engine configuration screen Added import of ScrapeBox V1 exported engine file Link Checker code improved related to anchor text/anchor links Fixed a bug in Contact Poster where only the first word of the subject list was used as subject Keyword Scraper improved Fixed vanishing instance name Added auto abort to various functions when site is more than xxxmb (user adjustable) in size Added tray icon and “Hide taskbar icon when minimized” to Options menu. Fixed unwanted scrolling to the end of urls in harvester Fixed export of available/not available domains of “Check Unregistered domains” (Button “Grab/Check”) Fixed bug in sorting of PR values Fixed 2 minor bugs in automator jobfile processing, footprint merging and keywords related Fixed bug in PR check where ReCheck didn’t work Fixed bug in cloud storage, causing a crash when cloud storage was activated for the first time Added “Favorite Automator Jobs” list to Automator menu Fixed bug in authentication Changed comment/message preview Added %currentdate%, %currenttime% and %currentos% for comments and messages Fixed a bug in harvester when “Add in front of relative links” was used in harvester engine settings Fixed a bug in Grab/Check -> Grab meta info Added Execute external program to automator Fixed wait dialog not minimized when main application was minimized Added to Keyword section -> More “Remove containing/not containing” functions Added export of not completed keywords to detailed harvester Added auto save of grabbed emails in realtime to Grabbed Emails folder Added to keyword section -> More “Reduce amount of keywords” Added keyword statistics to custom harvester with export to Excel and not completed keywords Fixed a bug causing addons to fail when running from automator file Fixed a bug related to engine import from server on harvester settings dialog Fixed a bug caused ScrapeBox to crash when no engine was selected in harvester Fixed a bug where text after # in a url was not removed Changed most text load functions by autodetecting the encoding of the file Added Text File Converter to Tools menu Fixed a bug where the proxy reload time was ignored Removed the “Preparing proxy refresh” dialog which popped up during harvesting Fixed a bug in poster related to captcha settings which prevented the captcha solver to be invoked Fixed a bug in Meta scraper New: 6 new search engines added Fix: Several search engines enhanced. Fixed a bug in RSSPing Improved domain lookup (Grab/Check button) Fixed a bug in Email Grabber when called from Automator Added notification email when proxy tester completed Added Trim to Last Folder Fixed a bug in Import and compare on domain level Fixed a bug when clicking “Edit” under the proxy memo and typing non proxy values Fixed a bug in Poster when a gzip compressed tcp data was in fact not gzip compressed Fixed a bug in keyword scraper causing automator to stop due to a dialog popup Added to Proxy Manager “Load from ClipBoard”, “Append from ClipBoard” and “Save to Clipboard” Added “Default Export File Format” to Options menu Added “Copy all URLs to Clipboard” to grid popup menu and “Export Url Lists” Added: Google timespan engines for 24h, Week, Month, Year Fixed: Enhanced Google engine Added option to change Captcha Sniper port Fixed a bug related to encoding of languages like Hebrew in harvester Fixed a bug in proxy harvester when it encountered relative links Added SSL support for proxy harvester Added “Url must not contain” to proxy harvester sources Fixed bug where dup domains aere not removed when auto remove was checked Added auto remove duplicate urls to options menu Added code to export files set by automator in the default encoding format Added to proxy manager to export anonymous and google/custom test proxies to separate files. Added automator command Trim to Last Folder Added various hotkeys (see menu Help) Fixed a bug in linkchecker related to corrupt Excel files Fixed a bug in linkchecker when websites list contained linklock data or spaces after the url Fixed a bug in meta grabber Added full socks 5 proxies support Fixed a bug in domain lookup Fixed a bug in harvester where footprints and keywords had been linked with the plus (+) sign Fixed bug in keyword scraper where duplicates have not been removed properly Fixed a bug in poster Added “Remove original keywords from results” to keyword scraper -> Button Remove Added Overwrite checkbox to automator -> Harvest Urls (save harvested urls as) Added Add Timestamp checkbox to automator -> Harvest Urls (save harvested urls as) Added Add Number checkbox to automator -> Harvest Urls (save harvested urls as) Added export of urls to platform popularity Fixed an issue when ScrapeBox was started from Windows Task Scheduler Added Mass Url Shortener Addon Added minimize to Proxy Manager and Proxy Harvester Added to save proxies to file during harvesting proxies Added “Remove urls with more than xxx character” to Automator Added “Text File Tool” to tools menu Fixed a bug in linkchecker where anchor link adn anchor text was not saved to csv Keyword area/remove containing/not containing can now have multiple words Added to email grabber filter “Keep emails containing” Fixed a bug in proxy manager where sorting and filtering by speed failed Fixed a bug in classify proxy sources sorting function Added “Add harvested urls to already existing urls in harvester grid” to menu Options Added Adv. checkbox on connections tab for harvester to increase connection limit to 3500 Multiple url lists can be dropped at once to the harvester grid Added dropping of names/emails/websites/comments and blogs lists Added “Remove entries which are not urls” to Remove button of harvester Added “Grab emails by crawling a site” to Grab/Check button Fixed a bug causing a crash when keyword scraper was triggered via automator file Added proxy timeout for harvester and poster Replaced the keyword memo and the text editor Improved parser of proxy harvester Added “Grab proxies from local file” and “Grab and append proxies from local file” to ProxyManager Fixed a bug in harvester which could cause an “Out of System Resources” crash Fixed a bug in the textfile tool Improved keyword scraper Added proxy retries, error retries and redirect retries to harvester (under Connections and Timeouts) Fixed a bug in index checker Added “Export Urls with Errors” and “Export Urls not done” to Check for unregistered domains Fix in automator interface Fixed encoding issues when mixing footprints with keywords Fixed a bug in automator loop function and job execution function Fixed an issue with ansi/utf=8 encoding Fixed a bug in Proxy Manager related to the grid display (speed) Added more Harvester settings under Settings->Connections, Timeouts and Other Settings Added “Export all URL’s as URL Encoded Ansi File” to Export Url button and harvester grid popup menu Fixed a bug related to dead proxy handling in harvester Fixed a bug in keyword scraper related to proxy retries Fixed a bug in dead proxy monitoring code Added addon DoFollow Test Fixced a bug in Remove Subdomains from harvested urls Fixed a bug in site crawler causing a crash Fixed a bug in proxy harvester related to relative urls Added to proxy manager to auto save good proxies every xxx minutes to file during testing Improved the speed of the proxy parser code in proxy harvester Added “Split Duplicate Domains” Added “Wrap keywords in quotes” to Keywords->Mode button Added “Remove leading and trailing quotes from keywords” to Keywords->Mode button Update Ranktracker Update Automator Update Google Competition Finder Added export of all urls in index checker Added export of all index checker urls to button “Export URL List” Fix in harvester related to redirects from https to https urls Fixed the comment preview (%domain% token for comments and subjects/messages) Added %domain% token support in contact poster subject Maintenance release Fixed a bug in comment grabber Fixed a bug causing the meta grabber to crash Added Phone Number scraper Added Rapid Indexer Addon Fixed a bug in PR check (domain) when http was missing in domain name Fixed a bug in communication between automator and detailed harvester Added proxy support for comment grabber Fixed a display bug in poster grid Fixed a bug in site crawler Fixed a critical issue with Phone number scraper Added option to reload not done keywords to harvester memo Fixed a bug in “Export And Split” function Fixed issues with stalling proxies in Harvester Added auto abort harvester when threads go below a set minimum Fixed a bug in Proxy Manager related to the autosave proxies feature Fixed an issue with non-ip proxies Fixed a bug in Export and Split Fixed bug in Country Filter of Proxy manager Changed the Proxy Manager Autosave feature which caused issues Fixed a bug related to footprints and keywords in custom harvester Fixed a bug related to footprints and keywords in detailed harvester Fixed a bug in detailed harvester related to keyword encoding Added 2 more keyword scraper sources (WikiPedia and Alibaba) Fixed a bug in meta grabber New website now live Added “before” and “after” to custom grabber->configure masks Added automator commands to import and export keywords Added checkbox on automator->Harvester urls to transfer 0 result keywords back to main memo Fixed a bug in harvester causing a crash when no keywords and only custom footprint used Added to text editor: link:, inurl:, intitle:, site:, prefix/postfix, sort asc/desc, convert to spintax Added to text editor: convert all to lowercase, convert all to uppercase, convert encoding, remove leading/trailing tabs and spaces Added Spintax Test to Text Editor Fixed a bug when deleting user created custom grabber modules Fixed a bug in execution of external files via automator Added “Use Proxies” checkbox on keyword scraper Fixed a bug in email scraper Fixed a bug related to favicons in harvester configuration Fixed a bug related link-lock in comment preview Fixed a bug causing parts of a user given filenames to be removed when they contains a dot. Fixed a bug in “Remove Subdomains” code Added new proxy sources Added “Remove spaces from keywords” to the keywords “More” dropdown Fixed a bug in keyword merge function when %kw% was used Fixed a critical error which caused ScrapeBox to shut down after about 2 minutes Fixed a bug related in the proxy manager when cancelling a save proxies operation Fixed issues with auto loading of proxies from file in harvester Fixed a bug in meta scraper Added proxy support for manual poster Fixed a bug in proxy manager related to port filter Fixed a bug in proxy manager related to country filter Fixed a bug in keyword merge function when %kw% was used Country list in Proxy Manager->Configuration is now sorted alphabetical Addon: Mobile Site Tester: Fixed a bug with proxy counter Plugin: RankTracker: Fixed a bug with the delay Plugin: Automator: Fixed a bug related to country filter Addon: Broken Links Checker: Fixed a bug with timeouts Addon: Backlink Checker: Added retry Addon: Page Authority Addon: Added retry Fixed a bug in proxy harvester country filter Fixed a bug in custom harvester related to loading proxies from file Fixed a bug in META grabber Added export as .csv to meta grabber export menu Changed the way how the delay works in detailed harvester Added to the list of available captcha solver services Addon: Google Competition Finder fixed Optimized harvester code to lower CPU usage Added adjustable connections to Meta grabber Added adjustable connections to URL Shortener Addon: Sitemap Scraper fixed Addon: Whois Scraper – blacklist to filter registrant names and/or emails Addon: Google Competition Addon updated Addon: Redirect Check Addon added Addon: Page Authority Addon updated Addon: Article Scraper fixed Plugin: Article Scraper fixed Plugin: Export as xlsx added to Malware and Phishing filter in Automator Addon: Outbound Link Checker fixed Fixed a bug in encoding of scrapebox.ini Addon: Added internal connection timeout to Link Extractor Plugins: Added “Append” checkbox to Export Harvester Urls Plugins: Added “Append to file” checkbox to Test Proxies Plugins: Fixed Google Engine in RankTracker Addon: Fixed Alive Checker Added YouTube Video and Audio Grabber Plugin: Added to RankTracker “Select all”, “Deselect all” and “Invert selection” Plugin: Added abort button to RankTracker and enabled multiple updates/day Plugin: Ranktracker rank update fixed Plugin: Added Export keywords with urls to RankTracker Plugin: Added Domain Lookup to Automator Grabbing emails by Crawling Sites now allow to multi-level from url lists Added: Grab images from harvested url list to Grab/Check button Plugin: Added “Prefix urls with http” to Automator Fixed a bug in YouTube grabber Addon: Whois scraper proxy retries Fix in proxy harvester, added stats and changed the grid colors Added retries to index checker Plugin: Article Scraper fix for encoding in spinner Addon: Mobile Tester Addon added export failed option Proxy harvester new source added Comment poster new platform added Fixed a critical harvester bug Fixed freezing at startup Fixed a critical bug in Poster causing ScrapeBox to crash Fixed a bug in Email Scraper Fixed a bug in detailed harvester related to proxies Addon: Domain Resolver Addon updated to remove duplicate domains when saving emails Plugin: Export to Excel added to Addon Alive Check Fixed a bug in proxy manager Fixed a bug in proxy harvester related to source selection Added saving to individual files in custom data grabber Fixed a critical bug causing ScrapeBox to crash when updating plugins Added connection and timoeut settings to phone number grabber Fixed image grabber to allow processing of urls which already point to images Added “Remove non-urls from harvester grid” to the “More List Tools” button Addon: Alexa Rank Checker Recheck added Addon: Vanity Name Checker favicon issues fixed Change Google Drive setup instructions Addon: Alive Checker added custom user agent Addon: Redirect Check added custom user agent Added “Remove Duplicate Proxies” to proxy grid popup menu Plugin: Added “Remove Duplicate Proxies” to Automator Addon: Linkextractor updated, added minimum thread settings Added number of subscriber to YouTube grabber Added export of status column in meta grabber Fixed a bug in “Grab emails by crawling a site” where connection and timeout settings was ignored Addon: Social Checker Addon updated due to twitter’s shut down of Share Counts Addon: Whois Scraper modified to work with automator plugin Plugin: Automator whois scraper addon adjusted to work with the new whois scraper Addon: Fixed a bug in Whois Scraper related to search in definitions Addon: Malware Filter redesigned for better performance / more details Fixed a bug in cloud starage preventing to save files when cloud storage was empty Fixed a bug related to new installations where server proxies could not be loaded Fixed a bug related to the tray icon and restoring of ScrapeBox Renamed button to install or update plugins to “Install/Update” to prevent confusion about updates Addon: Alive Checker Addon updated Fixed a bug in email scraper where a 307 redirect was ignored Fixed a bug in harvester stats display Fixed a bug in “Grab links by crawling a site” Fixed an encoding bug in keyword scraper->bing Fixed a bug in YouTube scraper sorting code Fixed a bug in decaptcher code when password contains a * Fixed a bug in proxy grid -> remove selected proxies Fixed a bug in domain checker Fixed a bug in captcha balance function Signature missing issue fixed Minor bug fixes Added mobile site tester to automator Plugin: Automator – added “Remove Subdomains from urls” Custom Data Grabber now allow to use user defined useragents for requests Server proxies are now disabled by default Proxy manager can now determine the type of proxy (http or socks) during test Keyword scraper now saves keywords in real-time to prevent data loss in case of an interruption Several Addon updates New Plugin Expired Domain Finder site scraper added to Expired Domain Plugin Plugin: Automator command to grab phone numbers added Automator command grab phone numbers added Plugin: Automator command “Remove urls containing/not containing entries from” added Automator command “Remove urls containing/not containing entries from” added Crawl max level of Crawl Emails and Crawl Links increased from 10 to 20 Cloud storage rewritten Proxy manager and main gui proxy memo can now load and save proxies to the cloud Automator command to remove user proxy sources and to add sources from harvested urls Added to set harvested urls as proxy sources (button “List” in the Harvester group) Added to YouTube grabber 2160p download Fixed speed issues when dragging lists of urls to the harvester grid Fixed YouTube comments could not be retrieved Fixed issue with remove duplicate domains related to different scheme Fixed an issue with proxy harvester Fixed a bug caused poster to open delayed when start was clicked Fixed a bug where pasting urls from clipboard to harvester took long Fixed a bug in textfile converter Fixed email grabber related to linkedin pages Fixed a bug related to drag/drop to harvester grid Fixed a slow down issue when dropping large lists of urls to harvester grid Fixed an issue with proxy authentication cause “invalid url” exceptions Fixed an issue with “Remove Subdomains” Fixed a bug in harvester causing a crash after too many redirects Fixed a bug in email grabber related to redirections Added proxy support for whois pass (Grab/Check->Check Unregistered Domains) Various smaller bug fixes Fixed a bug where countries with a comma in the proxymanager grid would not be removed Social Account Scraper integrated into Automator Internal bugfixes only Fixed a bug in email grabber related to encoding Fixed a bug in “Load list to compare” Added Automator support for “Remove urls with extensions” Addon: Vanity name checker updated Plugin: Expired Domain Finder update Fixed a bug in url encoding Added button to minimize Main gui when Automator job is running Fixed abort issue in “Grab/Check->Grab Images from harvested url list” Issues with harvester crashes might be fixed in this version Added “Trim Urls to Doamin level” to Trim button Fixed some ssl related issues Fixed a bug in email grabber related to character set and encoding Fixed proxy issue in custom harvester Fixed proxy issues with custom harvester Plugin: Added “Trim urls to domain” to automator Replaced YouTube grabber with a new YouTube/Vimeo/DailyMotion grabber addon Email grabber now save all grabbed emails in realtime to a file Fixed proxy issues with Email grabber Other bug fixes Freezing of custom harvester when using proxies fixed Meta grabber fixed Contact form poster added subject to message when no subject box was found fixed Other bug fixes Added missing dll to youtube downloader Plugin: Automator, some spelling errors fixed Marker processing of Export and Split via automator fixed Plugin: Expired Domain Finder snapshot fixed Fixed “Remove urls with extensions” function when used in Automator Added fixed and random delay to email grabber Added option to abort linkchecker when threads are down to xxx threads Added harvester auto save line limit. Once reached, a new auto save file will be creased. Added Check Indexed to automator Plugin: Automator – added Check Indexed Fixed a bug preventing ScrapeBox using proxies on localhost Added to save images using the image filename when grabbing images from harvested url list Added export and split urls based on their tld’s Fixed a bug in export of Domain Lookup (via keyword scraper) Various other non visual bugfixes Fixed a bug in Domain Lookup causing long loading time with large lists Some minor optimization and bug fixes Added export of failed entries to custom data grabber Added Connect Timeout to “Grab links by crawling a site” Plugin: Automator – added export urls as sitemap xml list Automator command export urls as sitemap xml list added Address the Socket Error #10054 in harvester Fixed a small bug in poster Added “Grab Files” to Grab/Check” Fixed a bug in email grabber related to proxies Fixed a bug in “Remove Entries which are not URL’s” Added “Export not completed urls” to email grabber Added “Export all entries as Excel file” to custom fdata grabber Fixed a bug in “Grab Files” code Fixed a bug in proxy manager related to grabbing proxies from local files Added useragent selection to email grabber Fixed email filter for “Grab Emails from Local File” Added setting to prevent removing duplicates automatically in custom data grabber modules Several bug fixes Fix in email grabber character decoding Fix in contact poster Fix in email grabber related to 10054 socket errors Fixed a bug in custom data grabber related to removal of duplicates Fixed a bug in email grabber causing an access violation for some user Fix Email Grabber zlib error Fix Error in Proxy Manager add sources Fix Issue in Mobile Site Tester Addon Fix Expired Domain Finder issue crawling some links Added Link Extractor Excel Export to Automator Added Merge keywords option to Automator Added GUID to RSS Feed Export Email scraper fixed Email scraper fix Various bug fixes Index check fixed Another fix for index checker Link checker fixed Index checker Min. threasds now will reset to 0 when a delay is set Index checker parser adjusted Fix for image grabber Fix for index checker Compatibility fix for some geozones Several fixes Proxy counter and other various fixes Various bug fixes Start issues with some addons and plugins fixed Digital signature related issues fixed Various bug fixes RSS XML Export improved META grabber improved Added jpeg to Image grabber Fixed various SSL issues within the Grab … modules Fixed Proxy Manager Google test Several fixes, addon and plugin updates Fixed Proxy Manager Google test Several bugfixes Detailed Harvester fixed Various other bugs fixed Huge fonts in some grids fixed Another font issue fixed Fix geoip related Added Automator merge function Several bug fixes Addon and plugin updates Several updates and enhancements Bug fixes New addon ScrapeBox socket tool Various bug fixes Geo database changes Bug in proxy manager filter fixed Bug in metrics fixed Several addons and plugins updated MAJOR UPDATE – Important server upgrade to expand capacity, update asap. EOSError 1400 should be fixed Various other reported bugs fixed More fixes related to the EOSError 1400 Replaced all the grids for better performance Bug fixed in Proxy manager related to filtering proxies Bug fixed in Custom Harvester More fixes in Harvester Fix in index check More fixes in custom harvester Various user reported bug fixes More optimization of 64 bit code Bug fixed preventing Harvester to start via automator plugin Fix in communication between addons/plugins and ScrapeBox Fix in platform popularity function Fix in “Grab links by crawling a site”, grabbing links from yelp Fix in domain availability checker, showing html code in columns Fix in display of plugin list after plugin installation Fix harvester issues (loosing results) on vps after closing session Added meta grabber to recheck failed and not processed urls Grab Meta filter functionality enhanced (user request) Fix in Load Poster Project Fix in “Remove Selected Proxies” and “Remove Duplicate Proxies” Fix in Keyword Scraper when used via automator plugin Some debugging Removing duplicate urls can now be aborted Removing duplicate domains can now be aborted Removing invalid urls can now be aborted Fixed a bug in the text editor where uppercase all words did not work Fixed a bug in linkchecker Fixed a bug when loading Vietnamese and other multibyte character Added copy to clipboard of unregistered domain (user request) Added counter for unregistered domains (user request) Added split of sitemap export into multiple files (user request) Fixed an issue with the 2captcha settings Fixed a bug in LinkChecker showing sometimes html code Fixed a bug in importing urls from clipboard into harvester grid Added “Trim to first folder” (user request) Added support for .webp images in image grabber Fixed an issue with 2captcha balance check Linkchecker replaced Fixed “Grab Meta -> Filter -> More” Added link in Help Menu and About to ScrapeBox Tutorial Videos on YouTube Fixed issues related to OneDrive LinkChecker did not use number of threads and retries LinkChecker issues with hanging threads fixed Button layout of some buttons adjusted Some display issues fixed Bug in LinkChecker related to = fixed Fixed an issue with trim to root and domains Fixed an issue with downloading the synonym database Fixed DeathByCaptcha balance Fixed issues with the parser of LinkChecker Coloring of Grab/Check->”Check unregistered domains” adjusted (user request) Issue with the percentage sign in harvester fixed Issue with indexification crash when closing fixed Bug when minimized to tray fixed Fixed a bug in Grab Files Typo fixed in menu entry (that -> than) Added a function to scrape nameservers (NS, MX and A) from domains/urls (user request) Fixed an issue when copying a huge amount of harvested urls to the clipboard Fixed an issue in the “Load Application Environment” Fixed some design issues in the list editor Fixed an issue in “Grab files” Added a progressbar to detailed harvester (user request) Added e-Book extensions to Grab files Fixed YouTube suggest keyword scraper

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