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ScrapeBox v1 has been depreciated, please ensure you have the latest 2024 release and are running at least v2.1.0.35

This page is for historical purposes only. ScrapeBox v2.0 was officially released on 27th June 2015 after months of beta testing and updates, and is currently available for all registered ScrapeBox members, this is a free update and features substantial improvements.

Below is the old Change-log for the ScrapeBox Mass Blog Commenter software v1.0 up until v1.16.6. Owners of ScrapeBox can always get the latest release info by clicking “Update” from within the tool, if the Latest Version is green then you have the latest version. If it’s red then there’s a new version available and the Update button will be click-able.


ScrapeBox Update Check


1.16.6 New: ScrapeBox v2 Released
Fix: Several addon and ScrapeBox updates

1.16.5 Add: Changes in preparation for the release of ScrapeBox v2

Add: Changes in preparation for the release of ScrapeBox v2
Add: Open multiple websites when right clicked in harvester
Add: Automator google competition finder addon
Add: Automator Compare Url Lists

Fix: Proxy sources selection
Fix: Socks proxies in custom harvester
Fix: Update to proxy tester
Fix: Several addon updates

ScrapeBox v1.16.3:
New: Notification when proxy port blacklist/whitelist enabled
New: Email grabber filter for emails containing
New: Option to remove urls with specific extensions in harvester
New: Proxy Sources
Fix: Yahoo Search Engine in all harvesters.
Fix: Indexification service

New: Alexa Rank Checker addon
New: Export and randomize command
New: Export and split command

New: URL’s and Keyword Export option
Fix: Yahoo Search Engine

Article Scraper:
New: Article Directory Added

New: Vanity Name Checker Addon
( and video
New: Sitemap Scraper Addon numerous options
New: Alexa Addon numerous options
New: Article Scraper Addon Directory Added
Fix: Social Checker Addon Google +1

v1.16.2 ScrapeBox:
New: Browser Ping Addon New: Remove Subdomain URL’s Fix: Email Grabber not showing proxy used Fix: Bing Harvester Fix: Link Checker issue with https urls Fix: http was added when importing https urls Fix: Grab Domain Lookup feature

Automator: New: Timespan Harvester Option Fix: Link Checker not waiting for next command

Article Scraper: Fix: Blogger Login

RankTracker Plugin: New: Ability to use Wildcard * in url to match subdomains Fix: Graph Issue Fix: Delay issue

Addons: New: Domain Resolver Addon rebuilt with Geo City New: Page Scanner Addon platform statistics Fix: Page Scanner Addon All or None buttons +/- Fix: Link Extractor Addon relative links Fix: Page Authority Addon Google +1 Fix: Google Images Addon issue with image sizes

v1.16.1 New: Ebay keyword scraper source. New: Proxy Manager port Blacklist & Whitelist. Fix: Link checker. Fix: Domain Availability checker. Fix: Default footprints

Automator: New: Footprint support for custom poster New: Link Extractor addon support Fix: Poster Export

v1.16.0 New: Learning Poster Addon v2 with 30 platforms see here. New: High performance Link Checker Addon. New: Custom Harvester ability to load proxies from file every “X” minutes while harvesting. Fix: Bug with RND delay range. Fix: Bug with email scraper. Fix: Bug with email notification settings.

Plugins: Article Scraper Updated. RankTracker Updated. Automator Updated

v1.15.72 New: Export URL list as .xml sitemap in Export URL List option. New: Keyword harvester Add and Remove keywords containing options. New: Email grabber customizable useragents. New: support in Tools menu. New: support in add custom proxy sources. New: Custom Harvester option to download updated engines list from server. New: Custom harvester engines,,, and Alexa Topsites. New: Nested spintax support in comment poster Link Lock. Fix: Custom harvester engine Blekko.

Article Scraper: New: Bing Translate support. New: API support. New: WordAI Turing Spinner support.

Automator: Export and append proxies to file.

v1.15.71 New: Email grabber rewritten to support https urls New: 24 fresh proxy sources added New: Proxy manager Keep and Remove selected ports New: Random delay adjustable in seconds Fix: YouTube keyword scraper fixed Fix: RSS Ping Fix: Google Index Checker Fix: Proxy harvester speed improved.

Addons: New: SEOmoz Page Authority Addon more info. New: Google images addon select image usage rights Fix: Outbound Link Checker speed enhancements Fix: Domain Resolver addon Fix: Page Scanner addon Fix: Alive Checker addon.

Article Scraper: New: Batch Poster New: WordAI Spinner Support New: Post Articles to Tumblr New: Keyword Density stats New: Support for multiple synonym databases New: One click auto spin article more info.

Automator: New: Automator command LOOP New: Automator compatible with OutBound Link Checker

RankTracker: New: Scheduler

1.15.70: New: Article Scraper Addon. New: Email for poster can contain spintax. New: Adjustable proxy retries for custom harvester. Fix: Enhancements to proxy tester.

Automator: Add: Automator command Save proxies to file. Add: Automator command Execute external program. Add: Automator command Export harvested keywords. Fix: Job parser could crash with trackbacks command when text file was missing.

RankTracker Fix: Several fixes and stability improvements. Addons: Sitemap Scraper updated. Backlink Checker updated.

v1.15.69 New: Google Play added to Keyword Scraper. New: Fast poster approx 10% faster and 30% more bandwidth efficient. New: Fast Poster Export failed and add to existing list. New: Ability to Import/Export engines in custom harvester. New: Custom ScrapeBox instance name now displayed on taskbar.

Automator Plugin – New: Export URL and PR format. New: Custom harvester added to automator. New: CTRL+Up, CTRL+Down added to rearrange job steps.

v1.15.68 New: Numerous new search engines added to Custom Harvester including Bing, Belkko, Excite, AltaVista, Rambler, HotBot and many others. New: Custom harvester option to work with relative urls such as YouTube search. Update: Default proxy sources updated. Fix: Bing Index checker not working with USA IP’s. Plugins: Automator and RankTracker plugins updated.

Custom Harvester video:

v1.15.67 New: ScrapeBox email notifications SSL email support. New: captcha service added. Fix: Several fixes to new Custom Harvester. Fix: Slow Poster enhancements. New: Automator Plugin send email step. New: Automator Plugin first addon automated – Malware Filter.

v1.15.66 Fix: Error for some users with non-English OS.

v1.15.65 New: Custom search engine harvester, enabled via Settings menu. Screenshot #1Screenshot #2

v1.15.64 New: Google search types added New: Proxy tester filter by country in right click New: Custom proxy test against any url and check for string New: Text editor convert list to spintax New: Text editor addition of site: modifier New: Pagerank checker adjustable proxy retries Fixed: AOL fixed Addons and Plugins: New: PageScanner Addon addition of the %and% variable New: RankTracker Plugin export search results in right click. New: Automator Plugin remove root domains Fixed: Google Image Grabber Addon fix delete thumbnail bug

v1.15.63 New: Level adjustment in Keyword Scraper. New: Ability to append alphabet in Keyword Scraper. Fix: AOL Harvester. Automator Plugin: New limit harvester results. New remove urls containing/not containing.

v1.15.62 New: ScrapeBox Page Scanner Addon see here. Update: Automator Plugin. Update: RankTracker Plugin. Update: Several ScrapeBox Bugfixes.

v1.15.61 Update: Several bugfixes. Automator Plugin: Several new features.

v1.15.60 New: Export as HTML and split list. New: Email notifications when Trackbacks complete. Fix: Bing Index Checker. Fix: Check for Addon updates at program start. Fix: Unicode Converter Addon

v1.15.59 Fix: Proxy Harvester. Fix: Automator Plugin Update

v1.15.58 Fix: Several issues. New: Automator Premium Plugin

v1.15.57 Fix: Bing harvester API is depreciated. Fix: Bing Index Checker. Fix: Meta Grabber character handling. Fix: Slow Poster handling for Leave this page/Stay on this page Popup. New: Automator Premium Plugin

v1.15.56 Fix: Communication problem between addons/plugins on some Windows servers.

v1.15.55 Update: Fix for addons system to handle multiple ScrapeBox instances.
Fix: Issue with Meta Grabber.

v1.15.54 Update: Fixes in URL Meta Scraper. Update: Plugins communication system to allow transferring Proxies, URL’s, Keywords between ScrapeBox and Plugins. Update: RankTracker Plugin

v1.15.53 New: URL Meta Scraper under “Grab” button on harvester to harvest pages Titles, Descriptions and Keywords. Fix: Encoding issue with harvester. New: Premium Plugins. Update: Google Images Scraper Addon Small and Icon image options added.

v1.15.52 Fixed: Issue effecting some users running MSE. Note: Please update all addons to the latest versions.

v1.15.51 Added: Several fixes.

v1.15.50 Update: Fix for connectivity issues.

v1.15.49 Fix: Bing Harvester. Fix: AOL Harvester. Fix: Bing Index Checker. Fix: BlogEngine Fast Poster. Also several other fixes and enhancements.

v1.15.48 Fix: Proxy Tester. Fix: Bing Indexed Checker. Fix: Comment Poster. Fix: TDNAM Domain harvester addon updated. Also several other enhancements.

v1.15.47 Fix: Bugfix release.

v1.15.46 Update: Adjustments to harvester.

v1.15.45 Update: Several updates and enhancements.

v1.15.44 Update: Several updates and enhancements.

v1.15.43 Update: Pagerank Checker. Update: Indexed Checker Fix: Several other issues resolved.

v1.15.42 Fix: Proxy harvester time outs

v1.15.41 Fix: Updated broken default proxy sources Fix: Single threaded harvester supports new proxy system Fix: Sorting proxies by port Updated: Number of GUI updates in proxy harvester. New: Open custom proxy sources in browser via right click menu.

v1.15.40 Fix: Enhanced handling of Socks proxies in new Proxy Tester via right click menus.

v1.15.39 New: Proxy Harvester and proxy testing enhanced greatly for Google and Free proxies.

v1.15.38 Fix: Google harvester due to change at Google.

v1.15.37 Several fixes and enhancements.

v1.15.36 New: Ability to disable speed test in proxy checker to allow faster testing. Fix: User/Pass could be stripped when exporting proxies to file. Also: Several fixes and enhancements.

v1.15.35 New: Pagerank statistics of checked URL’s in “Import/Export URL’s & PR” button. New: Auto remove duplicate proxies when clicking Test Proxies. New: Harvester Remove URL’s Not Containing option to remove URL’s which do not contain specific words.

v1.15.34 Fix: Google harvester due to change at Google. Fix: Yahoo harvester due to change at Yahoo. Fix: AOL harvester due to change at AOL.

v1.15.33 New: Option to check proxies against Yahoo, Bing or AOL. Enhanced: Parser for proxy scraper. Enahanced: The “Unlock” proxies for unblocking Google Captcha blocked proxies.

v1.15.32 Updated: Proxy Sources. Updated: Decaptcher due to domain name change. Fix: Enhancement to harvesting and testing free proxies.

v1.15.31 Fixed: AOL Harvester Fixed: Google Product Search and YouTube in Keyword Scraper. Also several other bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.15.30 Fixed: Country issue with keyword scraper. Updated: Google Cache Date Extractor, Dofollow Test and Fake PageRank Checker Addons. Also several other bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.15.29 Minor bugfix release.

v1.15.28 New: Ability to remove harvested URL’s longer than XXX characters in the harvesters Remove/Filter button. Fixed: Google PageRank checker now working with the new Google changes on 6th Oct 2011. Fixed: Link to Bing API signup updated.

v1.15.27 New: Comment Scraper to scrape comments from harvested urls available under the “Grab” button. New: Keyword scraper auto saves scraped keywords in real time to the Harvester Sessions folder. Update: Google Images Scraper. Update: Learning Mode Poster addon.

v1.15.26 New: Harvest Sessions auto clean-up based on folder size, setting in Options menu. New: Ability to filter Harvested URL’s against a bad word list under Remove/Filter button. New: Ability to export comment report as .CSV New: Ability to create Check Links report as .CSV Fix: Proxy sources not remembering their checkbox state. Updated: Learning Mode Poster Addon.

v1.15.25 New: ScrapeBox commenter now supports nested spintax. New: ScrapeBox Dofollow Test Addon released.

v1.15.24 Fix: Harvester due to changes at AOL.
Update: New Learning Mode Addon added Captcha Support.

v1.15.23 New: Learning Mode Fast Poster Addon. New: Addon to allow harvesting Japanese/Russian/Arabic etc keywords. New: Addon to allow exporting Japanese/Russian/Arabic etc character URL’s to Unicode format. Added: Export Posted and Add to Exisiting list on Commentor. Added: Export Links Found and add to Existing list on Check Links. Enhanced: Proxy Checker load balancing across 4 servers. Fixed: Check indexed handling of http/https.

v1.15.22 New: Learning Mode Poster addon available from the addons menu. Updated: due to change with their service. Fixed: Yahoo Harvester long URL’s being trunciated. Removed: Yahoo Check Indexed temporarily pending feature rebuild. Also Serveral other enhancements including preparation for Fast Poster learning mode addon.

v1.15.21 Fixed: Issue effecting some users with fresh activations.

v1.15.20 Fixed: Yahoo single threaded harvester. Updated: Yahoo multi-threaded harvester bandwidth reduction.

v1.15.19 Updated: Yahoo Harvester. Fixed: keyword scraper. Fixed: Issue with Create Comment Report. Fixed: Transfer URLs to Link Checker Edit button not active.

v1.15.18 Note: Google has removed the Wonder Wheel, so this feature is temporarily unavailable. Added: Pause button to Check Links feature. Added: Button added to update all addons. Changed: Harvester radiobutton tooltip text updated. Changed: changed to due to domain change.

v1.15.17 Several enhancements and bug fixes.

v1.15.16 Enhanced: Check Indexed with proxy retries and clicking start a second time retains previously checked data, and only rechecks error urls. Enhanced: Comment Poster and Link Checker to handle urls with malformatted header redirects. Enhanced: Proxy support in Suggest keyword scraper for all services (, Amazon etc). Added: Horizontal scrollbar to main GUI when running on small screens.

v1.15.15 Added: Captcha Service. Fixed: Average URLs Display on URL Harvester. Fixed: Adjustments to Link Checker. New Addon: Google Cache Date Extractor.

v1.15.14 Fixed: Issue at DeathByCaptcha. Fixed: Dead proxy source removed and 2 new ones added.

v1.15.13 Added: Trim URL’s to last folder option under the harvesters “Remove / Filter” button. Fixed: AOL harvester due to a change at AOL. Fixed: Check Indexed feature for Yahoo. Fixed: Updated one of the ScrapeBox servers proxy judges due to server move.

v1.15.12 Fixed: Activation issue since server move.

v1.15.11 Added: Option to select Addons download server in Settings menu. Added: Email harvester now saves emails to file in real time. Added: Auto solving of BlogEngine’s new math captcha. Added: Baclink Checker Addon’s “Download All” has the ability to adjust connections. Enhanced: Faster Poster, and several other minor adjustments.

v1.15.10 None.

v1.15.9 Uploaded.. Fixed: Issue with WordPress Fast Poster. Fixed: Issue with Link Checker regarding case of some URL’s.

v1.15.8 Uploaded.. Changed: Link Checker. Added: Extra detection and handling for WordPress fields.

v1.15.7 Changed: Removed Duplicates button renamed to Remove/Filter. Added: Remove URL’s Containing & Remove URL’s Not Containing options to the Remove/Filter button. Added: Hide Taskbar Icon when minimized options to the Settings menu, so ScrapeBox can be minimized to the tray or the taskbar. Added: Ask for confirmation when exit option to the Settings menu to prevent accidental shutdown. Changed: Bandwidth meters to CPU/RAM due to incompatibilities with some network cards. Changed: Fast poster and breaking of WP SpamFree and WP HashCash protection. New: Addon DupRemove for merging large lists and removing duplicate domains and urls.

v1.15.6 Changed: News scroller which could cause issues for some users. Added: Extra filtering for malformatted URL’s in Harvester grid. Removed: Content length check on downloads which can cause problems for some users. Several other enhancements.

v1.15.5 Minor bugfix.

v1.15.4 Added: Custom proxy sources remember checkbox state. Fixed: Display in Socks column in Proxy Harvester. Fixed: A Timeout setting not saving after restart. Also several other minor enhancements.

v1.15.3 Added: Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

v1.15.2 Added: Enhancements to Bing, ability to add API ID’s in Options Bing API ID’s.

v1.15.1 Added: Several enhancements.

v1.15.0 Added: Fast poster for BlogEngine. Changed: Commenter buttons “Fast Poster” does WordPress, Movable Type, BlogEngine, B2Evolution and “Slow Poster” does WordPress, Movable Type, BlogEngine, B2Evolution, Drupal and ExpressionEngine.

v1.14.79 Added: “Dups” button under keyword box to remove duplicate keywords. Added: Load Keywords list option in Google Wonder Wheel to allow multi word harvesting. Added: “Export Not Completed Keywords to Keyword List” option on harvester keyword statistics window after harvesting. Fixed: Crashdump Logger loads not done URL’s automatically for fast poster. Fixed: Copy/Paste bug in proxy memo box.

v1.14.78 Fixed: Google change causing only 100 results when harvesting. Added: Ability to specify custom proxy source as Socks. Also several other enhancements.

v1.14.77 Fixed: Ampersand encoding issue in Google results. Fixed: Import and Merge lists issue in harvester grid.

v1.14.76 Added: Ability to add custom proxy sources in the Proxy Harvester. Added: Ability to receive Email alerts from ScrapeBox when events are complete (Harvesting, Commenting, Link Checking, Proxy Harvesting) Added: Ability to export Wonder Wheel keywords and merge with the main list. Added: Ability to lookup .info domain availability in the Keyword Scraper domain lookup. Also numerous other enhancements.

v1.14.75 Fixed: Issue with filtering proxies by latency.

v1.14.74 Fixed: Bug with Aborting then Resuming the Wonder Wheel. Fixed: Minor bug in Proxy Harvester. Updated: Google Competition Finder Addon. New: Dofollow/Nofollow Checker Addon for WordPress *Beta*

v1.14.73 Added: Auto Harvester saving makes a backup of harvested URL’s to the Harvester Sessions folder. Fixed: Bug with proxy counter when removing duplicates. Fixed: Character encoding for the inches symbol in Wonder Wheel scraper.

v1.14.72 Added: Toggle old and new Proxy Manager under Options menu. Added: Display number of proxies on main GUI. Also Several bug fixes and addon updates.

v1.14.71 Added: Ability to split RSS Export when creating feeds. Added: Enhancements to Proxy Manager.

v1.14.70 Fixed: Google Wonder Wheel after Google changes. Fixed: Ignore Link Lock text in Link Checker. Added: Ability to not check proxies against Google when proxies are required for posting.

v1.14.69 Added: URL and Anchor Text checking in Link Checker. Enhanced proxy handling in Google Wonder Wheel Scraper. Added: Ability to disable namespace filter in Options menu to enhance slow poster compatability. Updated: TDNAM scraper addon due to changes with the TDNAM website.

v1.14.68 Several Enhancements.

v1.14.67 Several Enhancements. New proxy handling routine in Wonder Wheel Scraper.

v1.14.66 Added: Randomize blog list for comment poster in Settings menu. Fixed: AOL engine on harvester.

v1.14.65 Several enhancements.

v1.14.64 Added: Google Wonder Wheel Scraper (Beta). Added: Open URL in default browser in Link Checker. Added: Export URL’s in Google Images Grabber Addon. Added: Export error log after posting. Added: Ability to move ScrapeBox with Ctrl and Up/Down keys. Enhanced: Bing and Yahoo harvesters.

v1.14.63 Enhanced: Multi-Threaded Harvester. Added: Connection balancing option for Fast Poster under Settings menu.

v1.14.62 Fixed: Google multi-threaded harvester due to search engine change. Enhanced: Check Indexed. Enhanced: BlogEngine captcha. Added: Ability to scrape .axd BlogEngine sitemaps with the Sitemap Scraper Addon.

v1.14.61 Added: adjustable connections and Timeout on Email Harvester. Enhanced: Startup time on Email harvester when using large lists. Enhanced: Form detection for WordPress in slow poster. Added: Filtering for null characters on commenter file load.

v1.14.60 Several Enhancements.

v1.14.59 Several Enhancements.

v1.14.58 Fast Poster enhancements. Added: Proxy login detection for Portuguese systems.

v1.14.57 Several enhancements.

v1.14.56 Added: Export URL’s as .txt and randomize list. Changed: Socket timers, and fast poster URL log updates after posting complete.

v1.14.55 Added: Adjustable connections in Domain Lookup. Added: Right Click open in Default browser in Harvester grid. Added: Ability to append search operators in ScrapeBox text editor. Added: Enhanced socket timers in Harvester and Fast Poster. Added: ScrapeBox ticker green when running latest version and red when updates available.

v1.14.54 Changed thread timer method on Google harvester.

v1.14.53 Several enhancements.

v1.14.52 Enhancements to Fast Poster.

v1.14.51 Minor enhancement.

v1.14.50 Fix: Encoding with some non-english characters when harvesting. Fix: Ping Mode. Numerous other enhancements.

v1.14.49 Added: Ability to reset all ScrapeBox settings under the Help menu. Fix: Export Captcha URL’s after commenting. Fix: Prevent loading blank blogs list in the commenter.

v1.14.48 Several enhancements.

v1.14.47 Fully automatic crash recovery and continue ability in slow poster under Options – Auto Recovery.

v1.14.46 Timeout handling slightly adjusted, some other minor bugs fixed.

v1.14.45 New: Slow Poster crash recovery allows restarting and continuing a comment run from where it left off. Enable via the “Options” menu (Off by default). Added: Exporting socks to file from the Proxy Manager includes the “S” flag. Added: Setting to Enable/Disable the learning database under the “Options” menu.

v1.14.44 New: Text editor under the Tools menu. Added: Intergration of learning mode in slow poster.

v1.14.43 Enhancements to Ping Mode.

v1.14.42 New: Export URL list and Split to multiple files.

v1.14.41 New: Version rollback feature under the “Help” menu. More startup range checking cleared.

v1.14.40 Isolated startup error handling.

v1.14.39 Enahncement for Windows running out of socket timers when using multi-threaded harvester. Several other enhancements.

v1.14.38 Fix for empty lines and spaces in keywords and proxy inputs.

v1.14.37 Bug fix (Range Check Error)

v1.14.36 Ehanced proxy rotation in Pagerank Checker. Fixed: Compatability issue with Blogspot feeds in RSS Submitter. Several other enhancements.

v1.14.35 New: Blog Size Limit setting to specify the maximum page size ScrapeBox will load to prevent freezing due to large pages. Enhanced: Multi-Threaded Harvester faster and uses far less bandwidth. Enhanced: RSS Ping handling of feed headers.

v1.14.34 New Multi-Threaded Google parser built due to Google removing the low-bandwidth search utilized by the harvester. New: Rebuilt RSS Export module to handle various invalid characters. Updated: Google Competition Finder addon due to Google design changes.

v1.14.33 Added: Enhanced detection for more Google design changes. Added: Enhanced detection for buttons and input types in posters Learning Mode. Fix to remove duplicates in Proxy Manager.

v1.14.32 New: Learning Ability to teach ScrapeBox unknown blogs and forms (Beta). Currently only available in Manual Comment mode and Auto will follow. See Help menu for short video.

v1.14.31 Fix to counter Google’s new design rolling out in many locations which broke the single threaded harvester.

v1.14.30 Fixed: Frozen application detection

v1.14.29 Added: Extended handling for characters such as å, ä and ö in the Keyword Scraper and Yahoo Harvester. Fixes to the Proxy Unblocker. Several other enhancements.

v1.14.28 Enhanced: Proxy rotation redesigned in Multi-Threaded Harvester when proxies are 404 or blocked, also added adjustable retries under Settings Adjust multi-threaded harvester proxy retries. Fixed: Font spacing in accurate mode statistics.

v1.14.27 Critical bug in Harvester fixed

v1.14.26 Enhanced slow poster form detection template.

v1.14.25 Fixed: AOL Harvester broken due to change at AOL. Fixed: Harvested keywords for other engines.

v1.14.24 Added: Google Toolbar style PageRank display on manual commenter.

v1.14.23 Enhanced: Slow Poster can now post to a large volume of extra blogs covering all platforms. Also enhanced a number of Addons.

v1.14.22 Fixed: Slight glitch in Update Function

v1.14.21 Added: Extended the handling to cover more download prompt types.

v1.14.20 Added: Handling for some popup types such as .exe download prompts in the browser commenter.

v1.14.19 Added: Split duplicate domains feature. New: Fake Pagerank Checker Addon. Fixed: Number of errors. Updated: Blog Analyzer Addon can separate blogtype.

V1.14.18 Glitch in Harvester Timeout fixed.

v1.14.17 Fixed: Some changes where Internet Explorer is used due to IE updates.

v1.14.16 Fixed: Isues in Manual Poster

v1.14.15 Fixed: Blog Engine Issue in slow poster

v1.14.14 Fixed: Issue caused by Windows IE update.

v1.14.12 Fixed: Yet another BlogEngine issue.

v1.14.11 Fixed: An issue with certain BlogEngine URL’s which may cause ScrapeBox to crash.

v1.14.10 Added: Support. Added: Explanation of HTTP error codes in Help menu. Added: Option to check for Addon updates at Programstart. Changed: Captcha URL’s detected in slow poster, and Timeout adjusted accordingly. Changed: Behavior of 1000 results box. Fixed: Minor URL encoding issue with Check Indexed feature. Fixed: Issue with exporting “not done” harvested keywords with certain characters being truncated. Several other fixes and enhancements including new Sitemap Scraper Addon, and a number of addon updates.

v1.14.9 Adjustment to fast poster timeout abort.

v1.14.8 Several enhancements.

v1.14.7 Adjustment in harvester for all engines.

v1.14.6 Update utility revised. Poster connection startup time improved. Handling for logins on some sites when slow posting. Decaptcha balance will retry 3 times to overcome connectivity issues.

v1.14.5 Number of stability and error fixes.

v1.14.4 Minor fix when clicking Abort when running the fast poster. Cleanup low latency proxies discards proxies where a time could not be obtained marked with — dashes.

v1.14.3 The “M” merge will join search operators such as inurl: with the keyword when they split between footprint and keyword file. The “M” merge accepts tokens %KW% in the footprint file. Search Results number seperator removed to prevent localization issues (1,000/1.000). Link Checker now checks for domains with and without trailing slash which could cause many URL’s to be not found. When is down/overloaded ScrapeBox will retry login on every URL. Custom Timeout timers in fast poster using CPU tick counter. Proxy Manager allows to clean up slow proxies.

v1.14.1 Ability to join multiple footprints and keywords. Clicking “M” beside the Footprint box, allows you to load a list of footprints which are then added to your keyword list.

v1.14.0 Ability to unblock proxies that are blocked from Google Harvesting (302) and require Captcha. Feature available in the Proxy Manager.

v1.12.38 Minor adjustments to multi-threaded proxy harvester.

v1.12.37 Numerous optimizations and stability enhancements.

v1.12.36 Fixes an issue some users were having with the new updater. Several other enhancements.

v1.12.35 Added more detections for WordPress blogs. Added more detection for Movable Type blogs. New Addon available Blog Analyzer for analyzing lists. TDNAM Addon updated to allow keyword searches. New ScrapeBox updater. miscellaneous ScrapeBox files moved to Configuration folder. Harvester fix due to Google change.

v1.12.34 Several adjustments.

v1.12.33 Minor bugfix effecting some users.

v1.12.32 Enhanced handling for Wp-Spam Free plugin.

v1.12.31 Fast Poster now bypasses WP-Spam Free, WP-Hash Cash and similar plugins, plus also solves NumCaptcha (4+7=?) protection on the WordPress platform.

v1.12.30 Harvester fix due to Google change with advanced search operators.

v1.12.29 Several Enhancements. Competition Finder Addon does Broad/Exact Searches.

v1.12.28 Enhancement to new firewall test.

v1.12.27 Filtering issue with Blacklist fixed. Minor adjustment effecting a few users.

v1.12.26 Redone Firewall test to be more accurate.

v1.12.25 New Addon available. Detection for proxy login for Portuguese systems.

v1.12.24 Fixed isolated issue resulting in blank comments in BlogEngine for some users. Also several minor fixes.

v1.12.23 Added Automatic Solving of Drupal Math Question Spam Protection. Changed Abort Proxy Check Saves Good Proxies.

v1.12.22 Several enhancements.

v1.12.21 Minor correction for some users with locale related issues.

v1.12.20 Problem effecting some users with Decaptcher login resolved.

v1.12.19 Maintenance Release with several bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.12.18 Minor adjustment for users with no Addons.

v1.12.17 New Google Competition Finder Addon. Sub-Menu system for Addons. Handling for some popup types in browser poster. Several enhancements.

v1.12.16 Domain Name Availability Checker (in Keyword Scraper).

v1.12.16 Refinement of Google Operators in MultiThreaded Harvester.

v1.12.14 Handling for too many sockets open for some PC’s to cope.

v1.12.12 Some Multi-Threaded Harvester Metrics Added. Minor Fix.

v1.12.11 Fixed issue with some users switching between old/new harvester.

v1.12.10 Fixed Socket Timeout issue on Harvester. Increased Logger Addon Timeout to handle higher data volumes.

v1.12.9 Minor Fix in poster and harvester.

v1.12.8 Multi-Threaded Harvester up to 2,000 Threads total. Bandwidth Reduction with Google Harvesting. BlogEngine Moderated Checker Addon Available. Export “Captcha” entries in poster. Confirmation during “Trim to Root” if “Confirm Delete” is active. Select URL’s to Compare on a Root Domain Level. Editor for local blacklist integrated. Captcha handling rewritten ( Blacklist reminder now allows to download the blacklist right away. Auto Remove Duplicate Domain for Harvester added . Fix in Engine and Pagerank queries. Several enhancements and executable size reduced.

v1.12.7 Speed Enhancements for Slow Poster. Blocking of tracking scripts and javascript ads in browser poster such as Google Analytics. Domains with/without trailing slash classed as duplicates. Bandwidth display on Link Checker. Comment Reports Enabled. New Crash Dump Logger Addon. Enhanced detection of Moderated/Askimet/Captcha blogs. Rare Google harvesting glitch fixed. Several other enhancements.

v1.12.6 Several Bug Fixes and Enhancements.

v1.12.5 Major Update including b2evolution, Expression Engine & Drupal. Tokens in Comments such as %NAME% or %BLOGTITLE%. Detection of Moderated Comments and Closed Comment forms. Define Custom Useragents. New Proxy Source. New Ping Mode and more changes too numerous to mention.

See here for more details: Complete v1.12.5 Changelog

v1.12.4 Internal Beta Release.

v1.12.3 Bugfix: An issue that may occur when switching between comment modes.

v1.12.2 Added: Ability to name ScrapeBox instances. Added: scrapebox.ini is backed up in case of deletion. Added: Filtering in Comment Poster for bad filetypes (.pdf, .MP3, .Avi etc) Also several other enhancements.

v1.12.1 Minor Bugfix in when switching from Fast Poster to Slow Poster.

v1.12.0 New: Captcha Breaking with New: ScrapeBox automatically solves math question protections. New: Accurate Mode for BlogEngine. New: Handling for Intense Debate and Disqus Powered Comment Forms. New: Check Indexed in Yahoo and Bing. New: Comment WYSIWYG Editor Rewritten. Added: Increased Comment Size (was 1,024 now 5,800). Added: Alive Checker can Export/Transfer Dead URL’s. Also Numerous Fixes and Enhancements.

v1.11.1 Added: Filtering for corrupt proxies list during startup.

v1.11.0 Added: Ability to raise Fast Poster threads to 500. Ability to change proxies every “X” comments. Added: Enhancements to Manual Commenter.

v1.10.20 Fix for Harvester due to Google Change.

v1.10.19 Added: Custom Right Click menu in Semi-Auto Commenter allowing the filling of any platform. Several Fixes and Enhancements.

v1.10.18 Fix for isolated Startup/Shutdown error some users were receiving.

v1.10.17 Slight issue with Meters corrected.

v1.10.16 Drupal Form Detection added to Semi-Auto Commenter. Also Numerous Fixes and Enhancements.

v1.10.15 Several Enhancements.

v1.10.14 New: Semi-Automatic Comment Mode (Beta). Fixed: Workaround found for proxy popup dialog. Numerous Fixes and Enhancements

v1.10.13 Added: Random Emails Generator. Added: Global Timer for all Operations.

v1.10.12 Added: Speed Enhancements to BlogEngine. Added: Importing URL’s without http or www will be appended with http instead of ebing pruned.

v1.10.11 Added: Import URL’s & PageRank from .txt file. Added: Quick Indexer to Addons. Several other minor fixes and enhancements. v1.10.10 Added: User Selectable Keyword Scraper Sources. Added: Response Time of Proxies. Fix: Bug Exporting Private Proxies. Also several other enhancements.

v1.10.9 Added: User Selectable Proxy Sources. Fixed: Encoding Issue in Link Checker. Fixed: Timeout Issue in Proxy Manager. Fixed: Save Proxies to Disk User/Pass Issue. Fixed: Several Other Enhancements.

v1.10.8 Added: Delete URL ability from Internal Browser. Enhancement to Addons Manager. Several Bug Fixes relating to Lists.

v1.10.7 Fixed: Encoding in Poster. Upgraded Addons System to handle large data transfers.

v1.10.6 Fixed: Leftover Debug Code Removed.

v1.10.5 Fixed: Few Parsing Errors.

v1.10.4 Added: Keyword Scraper Sources now include Google Search, Google Product Search, Yahoo Search, Amazon, Bing,, Yahoo Shopping,, YouTube. Added: Notification when Delay Set.

v1.10.3 Added Versioning Framework to the Addons. Updated Mass Alexa Rank Checker.

v1.10.2 Added Mass Alexa Rank Checker Addon

v1.10.1 Ability to load Proxies from the clipboard in Proxy Manager.

v1.10.0 Major Rewrite of the Addons Framework allowing data sharing for future functionality. Added: More Right Click Options to Link Checker.

v1.9.72 Added: Handling for Proxy Sources offline or not responding.

v1.9.71 Outbound Link Checker in “Addons” menu.

v1.9.70 Multi-Threaded PageRank Checker Enhancement.

v1.9.69 Added: Enhanced server outage failover process

v1.9.68 Minor Update.

v1.9.67 Made Registration Easier. New Addon Available.

v1.9.66 Several Enhancements

v1.9.65 Thread timings on Proxy Manager.

v1.9.64 Fixed: Several Optimizations with Index Checker and Domain Addon Tool

v1.9.63 Fixed: When using “Select URL’s to Compare” upper/lower case letters in URL’s are classed as a match.

v1.9.62 Better thread optimizations and tuning for the Commenter. v1.9.61 Fixed few copy from clipboard errors.

v1.9.60 Fixed: Thread Timings on PageRank Checker. Fixed: Thread Timings on Harvester.

v1.9.59 Added: Per connection time out on PageRank Checker

v1.9.58 New: Multi-Threaded PageRank Checker checks up to 100 URL’s per Second. Fixed: Bug in Compare Function.

v1.9.57 Added: New Addons Menu. Added: MP3 Player back as optional download. Added: View Changelog Menu Entry. Fixed: Error in “Select Files to Compare”. Changed: Update utility given more time to complete.

v1.9.56 Minor Bugfix Release: Indexed Column Sorting, and some Paste from Clipboard Functions

v1.9.55 Enhanced: Language targeting for Custom Google’s. Fixed: Backlink Checker works with Link Lock spin code attached. Several other bugfixes and enhancements.

v1.9.54 Added: New Optional Proxy Scan between Fast and Slow Posting. Added 2 New Proxy Sources (3,000 Proxies Total). Added: Check PageRank of Root Domain. Also several other enhancements.

v1.9.53 Added: Load balancing for Proxy Checker

v1.9.52 Link Lock Changed, Please see the Users Guide for more info

v1.9.51 Fixed: New updater timing out on some connections.

v1.9.50 Fixed: Issues with BlogEngine Poster

v1.9.49 Added: New update utility. Changed: Keyword Harvester. Fixed: Several bug fixes

v1.9.48 Several optimizations and stability enhancements

v1.9.47 Added: Sortable Columns on Proxy Checker, Link Checker and Slow Poster Windows. Added: Tooltips on Harvester Footprints. Added: Extra filtering for email addresses used in Comment Poster. Added: Stripping Success/Failed text when importing comment logs in to the URL Harvester.

v1.4.46 Added: Limit number of scraped keywords. Fixed issue with remove duplicate proxies. Several other enhancements

v1.9.45 Fix for a few users having wmvcore.dll issues

v1.9.44 Fixed: Import/Merge Proxies buttons in Proxy Manager. Fixed: Few Typos

v1.9.43 Fixed: Remove Duplicates

v1.9.42 Added: Check if a list of URL’s is indexed in Google. Added: Thorough Comment Mode. Added: View Source Code Button on Browser. Fixed: Timeout adjustment settings. Changed: Commenter Crash Dump files remain until overwritten next comment run. Removed: Check for Updates Reminder.

v1.9.41 Enhancement to Crash Reporting Feature.

v1.9.40 Added: Custom Options for Timeout and custom options for Maximum Connections. Added: Custom Titles and Descriptions for RSS Export. Enchanced Parsing and Exporting of RSS Feeds

v1.9.39 Added: Export a list of URL’s as an .XML RSS page for upload (beta)

v1.9.38 Added: Remove Duplicate Proxies and Remove Failed Proxies enabling a rescan of working proxies to assist filtering unreliable proxies which may work first scan and fail easily. Added: Progress counters for email extraction.

v1.9.37 Yet another isolated Fix for Proxy Manager

v1.9.36 Isolated Fix for Proxy Manager

v1.9.35 Option to Skip Fast Poster. Option to Skip Slow Poster

v1.9.94 Link Checker handling for large lists enhanced. Detection of Socks Proxies.

v1.9.33 Added: Optional Cloud/Communal Based Blacklist Added: Crash Dump files for Success/Fail when Commenting due to Microsofts mshtml.dll being unreliable. Added: Additional Null Character filtering in Harvester. Changed RSS, Ping, Trackback, Checklinks to Radio buttons

v1.9.32 Added: Randomize to Delay Setting (between 1 and 30 seconds). Added Load/Save Whole Environment as .sbe file (ScrapeBox Environment). Number of other enhancements for first release of 2010.

v1.9.31 Fixed some secondary windows hidden when maximizing from system tray.

v1,9.30 Number of Copy/Paste operations added. Create Shortcut and numerous other tweaks and enhancements

v1.9.29 Minor Bugfix Release

v1.9.28 Extra Debug Info Added

v1.9.27 Several Fixes and Enhancements including Harvester Upper/Lower case issue.

v1.9.26 ScrapeBox breaks WP-HashCash Antispam

v1.9.25 Fixed Starting of Autoposter and and Email Scraper Adjustments.

v1.9.24 Fixed: Rare bug in Email Harvester

v1.9.23 Added: Setting in Tools menu to start Slow Poster Automatically after completion of Fast Posting.

v1.9.22 Fixed Handling of +1MB files in Email Scraper.

v1.9.21 Fixed issue with external IP Security check in Proxy Manager

v1.9.20 Numerous Fixes and Enhancements

v1.9.19 Added: Warning when Timeline Search is Active

v1.9.18 Added Extract Emails from Local Files

v1.9.17 Fixed Display issue in csv reports

v1.9.16 Revamped Broswer Poster Stats

v1.9.15 All free proxy handing code reverted back to original

v1.9.14 Changed Access Violation Handling

v1.9.13 None: Unlucky

v1.9.12 Fix for BlogEngine Reporting

v1.9.11 Enhanced “Create Comment Report” function

v1.9.10 Socket Adjustments for free proxies when commenting

v1.9.9 Added Selectable Threads in Link Checker. Bugfix to handle badly formatted proxy lists.

v1.9.8 New: Export Comment Results (Blog URL, Website and Anchor Text) to an Excel Report

v1.9.7 Thread Adjustments

v1.9.6 Removes Duplicate Keywords in Keyword Harvester

v1.9.5 Fix for some users corrupting zipped Names list

v1.9.4 Bugfix to Names Generator

v1.9.3 Added Names Generator to generate over 400 Million names.

v1.9.2 More Enhancements for Checking Free Proxies

v1.9.1 Changed External Proxy Testing Jugde due to them blocking some proxies.

v1.9.0 New: Email Harvester Added!

v1.8.10 Added: Checkbox to Allow Transparent Proxies in Proxy Checker. Added: Traffic Flow Metrics (data is system wide, not just ScrapeBox). Added: Failover system to enhance Proxy Checker

v1.8.9 Added: Country Keyword Selection on Keyword Scraper. Added: Transfer scraped keywords back to scrape more keywords.

v1.8.8 New: Keyword Scraper, Scrape lists of keywords from Google Suggest by using Seed Keywords

v1.8.7 Bug Fix for VM’s

v1.8.6 New: Export PageRank by user defined values. New: Auto Update Feature. Added: Keyboard shortcuts for menu options. ctrl-x for exit, ctrl-o for open project, ctrl-s for save project, ctrl-m for music player, ctrl-p for port scanner

v1.8.5 New: Project Management with .spp (ScrapeBox Poster Project) files

v1.8.4 Menu System Added

v1.8.3 Fixed: Quirk in new Comment Validation

v1.8.2 Added ability to reduce number of connections. Added detection for broken Spin Syntax. Added better detection for text files in use by other programs

v1.8.1 New: Ability to Add then Harvest from geo-specific Google engines for instance or

v1.8.0 Multi-Threaded Engines for Harvester. Enhanced Proxy Handling in Ping Mode. Numerous other Fixes and Enhancements

v1.7.17 Please roll back to this version until an issue with spin syntax is resolved.

v1.7.18 Large Rewrite of Harvester to add Multi-Threading Engines Support

1.7.17 Fixed: Bug in WYSIWYG Comment Editor

v1.7.16 Fixed List in Link Checker

1.7.15 Added: Enhanced Proxy Filtering

1.7.14 Harvester Stats

1.7.13 Added: Proxies are remembered and saved between restarts. Harvester now shows keyword being harvested.

1.7.12 Further enhancements to Proxy filtering. Fixed URL encoding issue with non-standard characters. Added detection for when file is in use by another program for example .txt files open in Notepad

1.7.11 Added Clear Button to Custom Footprint box.

1.7.10 Extra Codeen Proxy Checking. Button Alignment Fixes and several other fixes and enhances

1.7.9 Minor Bugfix Release

1.7.8 Added: WYSIWYG Editing for Comments via the “E” editor.

1.7.7 Bugfix Release

1.7.5 Enhanced HTML support in Comments incliding iitalic/i and bbold/b uunderline/u and break br and of course just use double break brbr for a new paragraph in comments.

1.7.4 New Proxy Sources Added

1.7.2 New Proxy Source Added to Proxy Harvester.

1.7.1 Added: Transfer Harvested Proxy Messages.

1.7.0 New: Proxy Harvester, The ability to harvest fresh proxies from within ScrapeBox.

1.6.19 Fixed: Movable Type Commenting Enhanced. “Link Lock” works in “Preview Comments” Feature. Bug in Link Checker fixed.

. Hardened Security in Browser Posters. 1.6.16 Fixed: Isolated character bug when harvesting. Added: Line Number Count on Blogs List Editor Window. Changed: Link Checker will re-check only “Server Error” or Previously unchecked pages when pushing “Start” again on a partially checked list. Ability to crash ScrapeBox and keep running. Numerous other Fixes and Enhincements. Added: Import & Export of URL’s from Clipboard. Fixed: Unresponsive Tray Icon. Remove Successful BlogEngine. Timers. Added: CommentLuv for WordPress, if the target blog is running CommentLuv ScrapeBox will tick the checkbox on the target blog before posting so you get 2 links instead of one. Added: Extra checking to correct malformed lists. Tweaked BlogEngine Platform and Double Field Checking Added. Cleaned parsing of /interstitial? type URL’s that sometimes appear in the Harvester. These are caused by a “Google Malware Warning” in the search results for a listing. ScrapeBox will “not” extract these bad domains. Link Lock Mode enahnced for BlogEngine. New: Preview Comments and Trackbacks before Posting!

Bugfixes Disallow Selecting Trackbacks and Engine at the same time. Alert if trying to save file in use by other program. Minor Bug Fixes and Button Text Corrected. Minor isolated bug fix. NEW: BlogEngine Auto Commenting and Footprint Added (beta). Option in Link Checker, Check for Domain Link or Exact URL Link. Enhanced Handling for large lists in Harvester. Added: During Harvesting URL’s are saved to a temporary file called crashdump.txt in the ScrapeBox directory. If ScrapeBox abruptly ends during harvesting, URL’s are saved and imported back in to the app next restart. Fixed: Enhanced handling of special characters in URL’s during Pagerank Check. Added Success/Failed Counters on Second Browser Poster. Added Pause/Resume on Second Browser Poster. Minor corrections to tooltip text. Major Rewrite of Proxy Handling while Harvesting. Major Rewrite of Proxy Handling during Pagerank Checking. Built in Music Player

1.5.0 New AOL Search Engine Added. New Timeline Search Results to extract URL’s within specified Time Range. New Added the ability to edit lists in ScrapeBox directly. Numerous enhancements such as special handling of advanced search operators such as inurl: intitle: link: etc, Enhancements to proxy handling in Browser Poster. Adjustments to counters and a number of other optimizations. Harvester fixed When feed has invalid page title, Scrapeox will correct it and send the domains URL as the Title to Ping Services to compensate for invalid feeds. Added error display in instances of empty harvester. Adjusted RSS Ping timing. Fixed Harvester Bug (Stupid Asterix) Added exclusions for some pop-up Captchas encountered with secondary Browser Poster. Fixed URL encoding problems with Google queries containing * when running on Win 2003 Server. New Blacklist: Any domains in the Blacklist.txt file will be automatically removed when harvesting to prevent commenting on blogs you don’t want to. New “Link Lock” Feature Added. Information Area Added Enhancement to Secondary Poster to handle bad Javascript on some third party blogs. Minor Fix for releasing Ping Mode requests when using slow proxies. Fixed small quirk when extracting some query string URL’s from Google. Added One time warning when starting Pagerank check with no proxies. Changed “Stop Harvesting” to just “Stop” when checking Pagerank. ScrapeBox Harvester Totally Rewritten Minor Bug Fix for isolated issue Bug fixed when imported URL list is malformatted or empty Minor Bug Fix for Isolated OLE Exception Error. Added Counter in Harvester. Bug Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel in Proxies Box and Fixed Private Proxy Checking Issue. Added Browser to Link Checker Right Click. Number of Fixes. Added Export and Merge in to Lists. Browser Poster rewrite to handle slower connections. List Status added to Browser Poster. Minor Bug Fix Added option to export Links Found, Links Not Found and Server Error URL’s. Bug Fix for Application Updater New Built in Link Verifier to check a list of blogs for your link. Fixed isolated issue with private proxy checking on XP. Fixed isolated issue involving IE browser component. Minor Bug Fix for Crash in the new Browser Emulation Window when encountering specific Javascript Added: Secondary Commenting Method via Browser Emulation which enables ScrapeBox to post comments to Blogs where automatic commenters fail. Bug Fix for Long Usernames on Private Proxies. URL Encoding to handle special characters in Comments. Added Ability to Send Harvested URL’s Directly to the Comment Poster. Some minor tweaks and enhancements. Minor Bug Fix RSS Ping Proxy test enhanced to return better quality proxies and discard poor/bad proxies not suitable for Harvesting/Posting operations. Minimize to system tray added. Ping Mode enhanced. Global Pause added to temporarily suspend connections. Other tweaks and enhancements. Rewrite of Proxy Test. Excel export for URL’s and Pagerank. Display/Tooltip enhancements on Harvested URL box. Added Export URL Lists to .HTML .CSV. Internal Browser to view URL’s in List. Bugfix in proxy scrolling. Ping Mode limit raised from 99 to 999. New: Trackback Poster to Mass Submit Trackbacks & Log Management for List Sorting. Ability to test Proxies pasted in the App, plus option to use a simple “Ping” when testing proxies. Version system change, now using 3 digits for simplicity. Proxy Authentication Enhancement. Movable Type poster rewritten, success rate dramatically improved. Bug Fix with PR Sorting. Remove Duplicates function rewritten to handle large lists much faster. Major Rewrite in Comment Poster Module with totally new connection method and DNS Pre-Cache for speed. This is a HIGHLY recommended upgrade.