ScrapeBox Proxies

List of Proxy Providers

Two great providers of fast exclusive proxies are and These providers all support ScrapeBox and are highly recommend. They offer “Exclusive” proxies, which are a little more expensive but far more reliable and faster than shared proxies because you are the only person using the proxies you are given. They make a huge difference in terms of speed and success rates compared to free proxies.

This means with less proxies, you can typically harvest more URL’s from Google, perform more PageRank lookups or Indexed Page Checks than you can with shared. Also the proxies will generally be a lot faster with all tool operations including commenting due to less users accessing the server.

Some of the providers also offer “Shared” proxies, which are like Exclusive proxies except they are shared between a limited number of other users.

These are a lot cheaper and offer the same sort of speed and uptime as exclusive proxies, however other users sharing your proxies may block the proxies from scraping. So these are more suited towards posting, and scraping data from sites with no strict query limits.

Also have offered us an exclusive discount, use the coupon code SCRAPEBOX to receive a 20% recurring discount, plus for orders above 10 private proxies you also receive a bonus 10% in proxies. So for example purchase 20 proxies, and receive 2 extra proxies at no additional cost along with 20% off the purchase price.

NOTE: When ordering under the “Usage of private proxies” drop down, you need to select “ScrapeBox” for the coupon to work.


  • Use coupon SCRAPEBOX
  • 20% Recurring Discount
  • 10% Bonus Proxies Offer
  • No Setup Fee
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Multiple Datacenters
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  • Access blocked Websites
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Also there’s a number of proxy providers who offer memberships to receive daily scanned and filtered “free” proxy lists. As anyone who has scanned lists of free proxies knows, it’s a very time consuming and bandwidth intensive task filtering out the dead proxies to compile a working list. So for a monthly or yearly membership fee for access to daily lists of large volumes of scanned/filtered proxies, can be an affordable alternative to a smaller exclusive number of private proxies.

ScrapeBox also has a built in Proxy Harvester and tester however many users prefer to purchase third party proxies which don’t require testing.

Please note ProxyBonanza and PacketFlip do “not” support the use of ScrapeBox with their proxies and they are not a viable provider for running ScrapeBox. We also recommend you avoid