ScrapeBox Policy

Website and Software Policy

This page outlines the Policy, and Privacy Information for the ScrapeBox Application and Website.

ScrapeBox has been tested and working on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 RTM and also on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 on both 32 bit and 64 bit. ScrapeBox will work on  VMWare, BootCamp, Parallels, VirtualPC, GuestPC or by remote connection to a Windows VPS as well as work on Apple Mac. ScrapeBox requires a resolution higher than 1024×768 pixels and ScrapeBox also requires a working internet connection to function. For optimal performance, a broadband/cable internet connection is recommended however some customers are successfully using ScrapeBox on dial-up. Also currently ScrapeBox supports the ISO 8859-1 character set, and does not support languages such as Chinese or Russian.

Program Licenses

A single purchase of the ScrapeBox application is for personal use, and by purchasing a single license you are entitled to run the application on one (1) machine under a single operating system only. Purchase of a ScrapeBox license gives you the right to use the application on one machine for life, and you are entitled to all bug fixes and new functionality published in future versions of the software.

Due to the ScrapeBox license being assigned to your PC and OS there may come a time where you obtain a new machine, reformat your operating system or otherwise change your circumstances. We permit one (1) license change per calendar month in order to accommodate your change of circumstances. This is provided free of charge, however excessive license changes beyond the one free changeover per month incur a $10 administration fee.

Under the terms of the license agreement, you are forbidden to share the ScrapeBox application or license details with non-license holders or upload it to a publicly accessible location including but not limited to file sharing sites such as, or similar as well as any FTP, news group, blog or bulletin board service. If our licensing system becomes aware your instance of the application or license details have been shared either intentionally or accidentally, uploaded to such services, or tampered with in any way to circumvent the licensing policy outlined in this document we reserve the right to disable your active license and you will not entitled to a refund under any circumstances. Users are responsible for keeping their license details secure

Refund Policy

If you have any troubles with the application, please contact us immediately. ScrapeBox has internal crash analysis, and in the event of problems it will create a bugreport file with technical information which the application sends to us for review. This debug data does contain detailed information about your machine, and the programs running on it at the time of the crash. This information includes things such as your Operating System and Service Pack version, hardware specs such as how much RAM in total and how much was being used when the crash occurred, Processor type, your System Uptime and how long ScrapeBox had been running. It also shows a list of all programs running at the time the crash occurred, you are alerted when a crash occurs and the sending of debug information is optional and requires your consent to send. Please rest assured we have no interest in any details besides what made ScrapeBox crash, and what can be done to fix it.

We can also create special debug versions of ScrapeBox with extended logging capabilities, we also may send you a special ScrapeBox build to log and trace errors to solve any issues.

If you do this by sending in crash dumps along and cooperate with our attempts to assist you, and in the event we are unable to get ScrapeBox running on your system we will issue you a full refund within 14 days of purchase. In all other situations we do not issue refunds due to the nature of ScrapeBox being digital goods, and all sales are final. Under no circumstances can we offer refunds because you changed your mind, you no longer need the software, you assumed it done something not advertised, or you found it too difficult there are hundreds of video and written tutorials for you to make this decision before purchasing.

ScrapeBox also has a number of user input files that the program relies on to function, as well as the ability to use third party proxies which it can connect to the internet through. User error by inputting wrong data, failure to connect to the internet due to poor proxies, internet connection or antivirus/firewall blocking the connection is not a fault of the ScrapeBox application. However if you have such issues, we are happy to help simply forward us your list of files and proxies so we can assist you in determining what is causing the error. ScrapeBox also has a number of free addons which may be downloaded separately to the main ScrapeBox application, these are provided “as is” and are a free bonus, as such you are purchasing the main ScrapeBox application only and we cannot provide refunds if one or more of the free addons does not work to your satisfaction although we are happy to assist with support issues with their usage.

Plugins have a 7 day refund policy, in the event of issues with your plugin not working and we are unable to resolve the issue we will provide you with a full refund. We cannot refund plugins because you changed your mind, you no longer need it or you assumed it done something not advertised on our website. Nor can we provide refunds for ScrapeBox due to issues with a premium plugin due to it being a completely separate application.

Payments made by mistake which require refund, which are not the fault of ie buyer not checking compatible OS or PC requirements are subject to a $10 processing and accounting fee.

Privacy Policy

ScrapeBox is an application which runs on your PC, the application is digitally signed by with a valid digital software certificate. ScrapeBox does not require it to be ran as Administrator and makes no modifications to your system upon installation. ScrapeBox does not retrieve, send to the internet or in any way interact with your personal information we take user privacy very seriously. ScrapeBox may periodically connect to the internet to check the application has been legally purchased, and at your request connect to the internet to check for newer versions with new functionality. At no time is any personal information transmitted from your machine.

Email Policy

When purchasing ScrapeBox we automatically become aware of your name and email address associated with your PayPal Account when a copy of your purchase receipt is forwarded to us by

This information is used to associate your payment, with your ability to legally own and run the ScrapeBox application. This information is in no way shared with any third party, and is strictly used by the ScrapeBox team for purposes directly related to the ScrapeBox site and application as well as communicating with you for issues such as support or software license authentication. By purchasing ScrapeBox you agree to the policy outlined on this page and on our terms.

Tech support for ScrapeBox is provided by email. We generally reply to support email regarding payments and licenses within 12 hours, and support regarding use of the software within 24 hours. Tech support is supplied for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Abuse, profane language, threats of any kind towards our support staff will not be tolerated. Doing so is in violation of the Terms Of Service and will result in tech support for your license being withdrawn and/or your services with us being terminated.

We reserve the right to revise or amend this policy. – 2023