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Article Scraper Plugin

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  • Internal Synonym Database
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  • API Support
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Article Scraper Software

Have you even wished there was an easy way to scrape, spin, translate and post articles to your sites? The ScrapeBox Article Scraper Plugin lets you do just that, you can get thousands of unique articles posted to your blogs in just minutes without even opening your browser!

And if you were hoping for a tool that done all that at an affordable price and no monthly fees, then you have found exactly what you are looking for!

Check out what it can do below…

Proxies and Settings

Proxies and SettingsThe ScrapeBox Article Scraper plugin allows you to harvest thousands of articles from a number of popular article directories (Note: The directories are pre-selected, you cannot add custom sites to harvest articles from).

The addon features proxy support, multi-threading for fast article retrieval, the ability to set how many articles to scrape before stopping, and articles can be saved in ANSI, UTF-8 or Unicode format so articles in any language can be harvested.

Also there’s the option to automatically remove links and emails addresses from articles, and the ability to save articles in to keyword based subfolders so when harvesting articles for numerous keywords at the same time, all your articles are categorized.

Harvesting and collecting articles is ideal for conducting research, obtaining ideas for content creation or for rewriting articles to form new unique articles.

Mass Translate Articles

Bulk Article Translation If you need the ability to mass translate articles from one language to another, the article scraper plugin can do it.

With the ability to translate articles in to 65 different languages, you can convert your scraped articles in to any language in just seconds.

It’s also possible to convert articles from English to an alternate language, then back to English.

This has the effect of altering the original articles so it’s not an exact duplicate, while still being readable and high quality!

By leveraging the power of both Google and Bing translate engines, you are able to convert articles in to other languages and still retain a high readability and accurate article.

Mass Word Replacement

word-replaceDo you need to mass change words in multiple articles at once, or perhaps convert words in to html links?

The Article Scraper Plugin has a fast mass word replacement feature which allows you to load a folder full of articles, and replace multiple words in all articles at once.

This is ideal if you want to change links, keywords, company names, emails, spelling mistakes, convert keywords to hyperlinks or any other information in thousands of articles at once with the click of a button.



Spinner API

Bulk Article API SpinnerIf you need to rewrite articles fast, and don’t wish to use the free built-in spinner and synonym database you can make use of The Best Spinner API, WordAI or ChimpRewriter accounts to rewrite multiple articles at once converting them in to “Spintax” versions.

This is ideal if you just want bulk articles quickly for re-submitting to article directories or your Tier 2 web sites and properties.

These spintax articles can then be converted to multiple unique versions or posted in spintax format to your WordPress and Tumblr blogs using the Article Scraper Plugin.


Spintax Converter

Spintax ConverterThis feature couldn’t get much simpler, just select an article or folder full of articles in “spintax” format and select how many versions of each article you would like.

Click start and in seconds you will have thousands of unique versions of your article or articles in plain text format.

Articles in {spintax|format} created using the Best Spinner API, the internal Article Rewriter or other spinner software can be loaded and easily turned in to thousands of unique versions ready for publication.

Article Rewriter

Article Re-writer TabThe ScrapeBox Article Scraper Plugin contains an article re-writer with it’s own internal synonym replacement database, this allows you to rewrite articles without typing any typing by simply clicking the words. The synonym database is editable allowing you to add and delete synonyms so you can grow the database and customize it to suite your own writing style or be relevant to your niche or language.

The Article Re-writer supports nested spintax, and you can apply a synonym to every occurrence of a word in your article for instance everywhere “SEO” appears you can add “Search Engine Optimization” to save adding the same synonyms for the same words again and again each time they appear in your article.

Also at a glance you can see stats such as your article word count, number of words in spintax and your spintax density to easily see during rewriting if your article is “spun enough” and unique. Also just added is a keyword density checker, so you can easily check the keyword densities of your articles both with and without stopwords before saving your articles and even save the keywords and densities to a .csv file.

Article PosterMass Article Poster

What’s a whole bunch of unique content if you can’t submit it to your sites? The Article Scraper Plugin contains a blog poster, which allows you to post your articles to your WordPress blogs!

The fast multi-threaded poster will login to your blog, and select the right post tags and categories, and submit your articles in seconds. Articles can be in Spintax format so every blog will receive a different version if your articles, you can also insert images, format your article with colored fonts, use bold, italics and underline and create headings.

You can also submit your articles using a date range, this allows you to send thousands of articles to your blogs and set a range of 1 year for example and fresh content will be randomly published to your blog over the course of a year!

Once you post the articles, your blog will take care of the rest you don’t even need the Article Scraper Plugin running and your blog will be drip fed unique articles for a year, or even 10 years!

Batch Poster

Batch PosterHave you ever wanted to mass populate your blogs with hundreds or even thousands of articles in a few clicks? Now you can with the new Batch Poster feature.

After spinning, rewriting or translating your articles you can load an entire folder full of articles which can contain spintax and submit them to your blog.

You can select a date range for example 1 year, and when posted WordPress will “schedule” your articles to publish on random days over the next year.

So in a few minutes, you can have a blog loaded with unique articles that publish for years on auto-pilot.

The batch poster can submit articles to or self hosted WordPress blogs!



Grab the Article Scraper for just $37

The Article Scraper Premium plugin is only available to owners of ScrapeBox, to purchase you must be running ScrapeBox v2.0 or higher to access the “Premium Plugins” option in the menu. From here you can select “Available Premium Plugins” to purchase, and to download after you have paid as well as download plugin updates.

Also note the Article Scraper Plugin is a lifetime “per user” license, so if you have multiple ScrapeBox licenses registered to the one email address purchasing the Article Scraper once will activate the plugin for all your ScrapeBox licenses with the same email for life. The plugin is a one-time payment and is not a monthly or yearly subscription, all updates are free.

Article Scraper Tutorial

View our video tutorial showing the Article Scraper Plugin in action. This feature is a premium plugin available from the “Premium Plugins” menu in ScrapeBox.

Also check our YouTube channel for hundreds of other ScrapeBox video tutorials.


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