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Social Account Scraper

  • Included Free with ScrapeBox
  • Multi-Threaded Connections
  • Multi-Page Crawling
  • Proxy Support
  • Excel data export
  • Adjustable Connections



Do you have a list of URL’s such as businesses, competitors in your niche or just a list of domains and want to check each website to gather their social media profile links published on every site? Doing this manually would take forever, so… The Social Account Scraper to the rescue!

This addon included free with ScrapeBox allows you to do just that. Simply load a list of URL’s and set the amount of connections you wish to use and hit Start. It will scan each website and gather the published profiles for FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+

It also has the ability to crawl internal URL’s based on keywords to hunt of published social media profiles. Some sites may only list their social media profile links on an internal page such as the “Contact Us” page, “About Us” or the “Help” pages for example. That’s no problem, the addon allows you to add a list of keywords and when it crawls the URL you have loaded if it doesn’t find any social media profile urls it will then look for internal links using your keywords, and load each of those scanning for profile links. This means it’s fully customizable, and you can even add keywords in other languages.

So that makes this addon great for data gathering in order to keep up to date with the social media profiles of competitors, people in your niche or for reaching out to businesses.

Once the addon has run, the results can be saved to an Excel file.

Social Scraper Tutorial

View our video tutorial showing the Social Account Scraper in action. This is a free addon included with ScrapeBox.

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