Google Meta Scraper

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Google Meta Scraper

  • Included Free with ScrapeBox
  • Multi-Threaded Connections
  • Proxy Support
  • Selectable Useragents
  • Excel and txt data export
  • Title, Description and URL Filters
  • Human Emulation Delay


Google Meta Scraper

With this addon, you are able to scrape the meta details from the Google search results. Simply enter a keyword, or list of keywords and the Google Meta Scraper Addon will scrape the Title, Description and URL of all URL’s in the Google search results. Grabbing the search results data from Google is a great way to do competitor research, keyword research or for getting ideas on how to configure your own web page Titles, Descriptions and URL’s for optimal rankings and click through’s.

The Title and Description that displays in the Google search results is critical for attracting clicks and visitors, an enticing and descriptive search result can mean the difference between a potential customer clicking your URL or your competitors. This is why the Google Meta Scraper feature is a vital tool to scrape, save and analyze your competitors and your own meta listings.

The Title and Description that you add to your web pages <meta name=”description” and <title> tags is not necessarily what Google will display in the search results to users. Google will vary what is shown depending on the keywords searched, so being able to search multiple keywords automatically and see all variations will greatly assist with optimizing your website. Also being able to scrape the search result information of your competitors will help you construct more appealing and relevant meta information.

The Google Meta Scraper addon has proxy support as well as a delay option to allow many queries, as well as the ability to set custom useragents. This is ideal to check the Google search results as a web browser and a mobile device as comparison of search results.

You are also able to filter the results and remove entries containing specific words in the Title, Description or URL. It also features the ability to export to Text file (.txt) or as an Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx)

Google Meta Scraper

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