ScrapeBox Addons

ScrapeBox currently contains 33 free addons that can perform a variety of tasks, these can be downloaded from within ScrapeBox. So by purchasing ScrapeBox you have lifetime access to all the addons below.

The addons can be downloaded in ScrapeBox by clicking the “Addons” menu which will bring up the window below containing the list of available addons and their versions. Then simply select the addon and click Install and it will be added to ScrapeBox.

Also at the bottom of this page are 3 stand-alone tools marked (Free) and these are available for everyone, even if you do not own ScrapeBox. You can also view video tutorials for many of the addons on our YouTube Channel where we have over 85 video’s covering ScrapeBox, the Addons and Plugins.

ScrapeBox Addons Manager

Some of the current addons include the following:

ScrapeBox Learning Poster v2
ScrapeBox Vanity Name Checker
ScrapeBox Article Scraper
ScrapeBox Social Checker
ScrapeBox Page Authority
ScrapeBox Blog Analyzer
ScrapeBox Dead or Alive Check
ScrapeBox Yahoo Backlink Checker
ScrapeBox DoFollow/NoFollow Checker
ScrapeBox TDNAM Domain Scraper
ScrapeBox Malware and Phishing Filter
ScrapeBox Learning Mode
ScrapeBox Internal & External Link Extractor
Google Cache Extractor
ScrapeBox Outbound Link Checker
ScrapeBox Page Scanner
ScrapeBox Google Competition Finder
ScrapeBox Mass Alexa Rank Checker
ScrapeBox Google Images Grabber
ScrapeBox Domain to IP and Location Resolver
ScrapeBox Fake Pagerank Checker
ScrapeBox Sitemap Scraper
ScrapeBox Rapid Indexer
ScrapeBox WhoIs Scraper
ScrapeBox BE Moderated Post Filter
ScrapeBox Bandwidth Meter
ScrapeBox Crashdump Logger
ScrapeBox Port Scanner

The addons above are completely free for owners of ScrapeBox, the tools below are free for everyone.

Backlink Checker (Free)
Dofollow Nofollow Checker (Free)
Dupe Remover File Splitter (Free)

These are just some of the many features in ScrapeBox see more Features.