ScrapeBox v2.0 Public Beta

Public Beta Test for ScrapeBox v2

ScrapeBox v2.0 Beta Testing Has Closed


ScrapeBox v2.0 Final was released 27th June 2015 and the beta testing has finished. If you own a ScrapeBox v1 license, grab your free update here

A big thank you to the many users who submitted bug reports, and provided feedback during the beta stages for ScrapeBox v2 and helped it become so much better then ScrapeBox v1.

ScrapeBox was first released in 2009 and has gone on to become one of the most popular SEO tools of it’s kind over the last 5 years. It’s received many hundreds of updates, new features and addons in this time. However it was built using an old code compiler which did not allow Unicode, 64-bit and many things available with today’s more up to date compilers.

So we have redone ScrapeBox in order to make these things possible, and to allow updates and support for the next 5 years and beyond. So below we have download links for the first public beta of ScrapeBox v2, and here you can watch a brief video by Loopline.

One of the bigger changes is the URL harvester. Now there’s 2 harvester modes, the “Custom harvester” which is more suited to just scraping lots of URL’s as quickly as possible. And the “Detailed Harvester” which is a little slower, and it provides more stats and is more suited to smaller scrapes for metrics etc.

On the harvester is an option “Use Server Proxies”. When ticked it will pull about 2k free proxies that have been tested server side and use them when harvesting. However at this stage they have not been Google tested, so in Google they wont work great but they will work good in Yahoo and Bing for example. This is something we are still working on, is setting up some servers so proxies can be tested by our servers and delivered to ScrapeBox already working rather then everyone needing to manually harvest and test from various sources themselves.

So for testing Google, it will be best to only use Google passed proxies from the Scrapebox proxy harvester you tested yourself or from another tool that provides Google Proxies like No Hands Proxies, Proxy Multiply etc and load them in to the main GUI and tick “Use Proxies” like normal. Using server proxies is more suited for other engines like Yahoo/Bing at this stage.

Another thing regarding speed, if you enable all search engines at once it will go slower since threads/time is being spent on engines with a very low return. The fastest speeds are obtained by enabling only the fastest engine and so all threads, proxies, CPU etc is dedicated to just it. You can also load proxies from file while harvesting, this will happen when all proxies are dead.

The proxy harvester has also had a makeover, with many new options. Most other things should be fairly intuitive, the main goal of v2 was to add full unicode and 64 Bit support, improve the harvester, modernize all code and make everything modular for future features. Also the GUI can be resized, you can drag and drop URL lists on to the harvester grid along with a number of new or improved features.

If you encounter any issues with features either not working correctly, or old features that may have been removed please send us a support email through to support @ or use the Contact Support link below.

Thank you for trying the ScrapeBox v2.0 Public beta test.