ScrapeBox v2 Upgrade

Information on the ScrapeBox v2 Update

ScrapeBox v2 Features

  • Native 64-bit Version
  • Support for all languages
  • Handling of Unicode and UTF-8
  • Re-sizable GUI
  • Cloud File Saving
  • Fully Support HTTPS
  • Fully Supports Gzip
  • Faster Threads
  • Substantial Improvements

Scrapebox v2.0

Over the last several months we have been working on ScrapeBox v2 which is a complete rewrite of ScrapeBox, all Addons and Plugins which comprises of over a million lines of code.

The upgrade now means ScrapeBox is fully Unicode compatible meaning it can work with all languages, it now has a native 64-Bit version which allows it to do things like handling huge lists containing hundreds of millions of URL’s. It’s also fully compatible with https urls, Gzip and even IPv6 as well as having a resizable GUI and numerous new features and performance improvements.

You can see the work that’s gone in to the v2.0 by viewing the changelog here. If you have a ScrapeBox v1 license, you can update to ScrapeBox v2 this is a FREE update. Please download ScrapeBox v2 from one of the links below:



Then simply unzip the file to a new folder and run scrapebox.exe to start ScrapeBox. ScrapeBox v1 and ScrapeBox v2 both use the same license, so you can use both versions at the same time please just ensure they are both contained in their own folder. If you have ScrapeBox v1 running, you do not need to do anything regarding your license v2 will work on the same machine.

ScrapeBox was first released in 2009 and has gone on to become one of the most popular SEO tools of it’s kind over the last 5 years. It’s received many hundreds of updates, new features and addons in this time. However it was built using an old code compiler which did not allow Unicode, 64-bit and many things available with todays more up to date compilers.

So we have redone ScrapeBox in order to make these things possible, and to allow updates and support for the next 5 years and beyond. We hope you enjoy ScrapeBox v2.0