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Domain Availability Checker

  • Included Free with ScrapeBox
  • Multi-Threaded Connections
  • Trainable Extensions
  • Adjustable Whois Server
  • Whois Server Delay
  • Proxy Support
  • Multi-DNS Servers
  • Rotating DNS Servers
  • Adjustable Taken/Available Text


Domain Availability Checker

If you create micro-niche websites based around profitable keywords, or are just struggling to find decent domains available to register then ScrapeBox offers a Domain Availability Checker. This tool is part of the Keyword Scraper feature, which means you can simply type one “base” keyword then ScrapeBox will find related keywords and phrases using services such as Google Suggest, Amazon and to name a few. Then you can transfer your freshly scraped keywords to the Domain Availability Checker and test them to see if the keywords are available as .com, .net, .org or .info both with and without hyphens.

In the screenshot above i entered the keyword “backlinks” and the keyword scraper returned numerous related keywords and phrases. Checking these in the Domain Availability Checker for available .com domains, shows there’s some nice domains such as or which could be used to start a backlink indexing service (which you can even use ScrapeBox to not only find the domain, but offer the service too!).

The domains found with the Domain Availability Checker and freely available to register at your domain registrar of choice. If you are in to domaining, ScrapeBox also includes a free TDNAM Closeouts scraper addon for finding $5 domains at the TDNAM auction site.


Adjustable DNS

DNS Server Setup Multiple DNS Servers to allow maximum speed and accurate domain availability checks.

The Domain Availability Checker does a preliminary test to see if the domains resolve to a website to dramatically cut down on the number of whois lookups required to check a list.

Some DNS providers may throttle lookups or perform slower then others. So this feature allows you to add multiple custom DNS servers and the lookups will be randomly rotated between DNS servers.

The default DNS servers already added work great for most users and rarely need changing. However for power users, you can tinker with this to squeeze out the maximum performance from the DNS lookup step the feature performs.

Adjustable Whois

Whois Server Setup Customizable Whois database gives you complete control over the Domain Availability lookups.

For any domains in step 1 that does not resolve to a website, ScrapeBox will then perform a whois lookup on them as final confirmation the domain is not registered.

Like the DNS lookup setting, the Whois settings will also not need changing for most users.

But you are free to change the whois servers for specific extensions and adjust the delay in between queries for individual TLD’s.

Also with the amount of new custom TLD’s increasing daily like .club, .guru or .rocks being able to add TLD’s yourself future proofs the addon and ensure no matter what new domains pop up in the future you will always be able to use this feature.

Domain Availability Tutorial

View our video tutorial showing the Domain Availability Checker in action. This feature is included with ScrapeBox, and is also compatible with our Automator Plugin.

We have hundreds of video tutorials for ScrapeBox.

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