Bulk Anchor Text Creator

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Bulk Anchor Text Creator

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Bulk Anchor Creator

Do you need a fast and simple way to create diverse anchor text for your backlinks to post on websites or forums? The Bulk Anchor Text Creator allows you to do just that, you can load a list of plain URL’s or Domains, and then type or load a list of Keywords and the anchor text tool can merge both and provide you with the HTML links for webpages or the BBCode links for use on forums.

For example if you have the following URL’s


And you also have the following keywords:

Great Site
Visit Me

Just load them in to the Anchor Text Creator, and click start and it will provide the HTML:

<a href=”www.mysite.com”>Great Site</a>
<a href=”www.mysite.com/page”>Great Site</a>
<a href=”www.mysite.com”>Visit Me</a>
<a href=”www.mysite.com/page”>Visit Me</a>

You can also select BBCode as the output for use on most popular forum platforms. You can also specify if you want your link to open in a new window when clicked and the target=”_blank” option will be added to all links. You can also choose whether you want the title= attribute added to your links, and if so the anchor text will be used. Further you can choose if you want all links and keywords to be merged, or one link to be created for each URL, or one link created for each keyword.

This tool takes the hassle out of bulk link creation, and anchor text distribution and diversity. If you’re stuck for anchor text variations, you can use the Keyword Scraper and get hundreds of long tail keyword suggestions straight from Google Suggest to build your links. These are the suggestions which drop down when you type in the Google search box based on what other users type, so this enables you to create diverse anchors exactly matching what people are searching for!

Bulk Anchor Text Creator

This is a new feature and currently do not have a tutorial for our Bulk Anchor Text Creator. This feature included with ScrapeBox.

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