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RSS Ping Feature

Most of the RSS Ping lists i found online were old, and had numerous non-working RSS services listed. Fortunately ScrapeBox makes it easy to merge URL lists, remove duplicate URL’s then ping your feeds and remove the non-working ping services from the list. So i done just that and merged a dozen or so RSS Ping lists i found online and whittled that down from over 600 to 160 working RSS Ping URL’s after removing duplicate URL’s and dead/defunct Ping Services for a fresh list.

The Ping list can be used in ScrapeBox to ping your RSS feed (see video) or it can be pasted in to your WordPress dashboard so WordPress can ping the RSS Services when you publish new posts.

I’ve posted the list below, but you can also download it here

RSS Ping List

View our video tutorial showing the ScrapeBox RSS Ping and Sitemap uses. This is a feature included with ScrapeBox, and is also compatible with our Automator Plugin.

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