Name and Email Generator

Generate Bulk Name and Emails

Name & Email Generator

  • Included Free with ScrapeBox
  • 108,245,981 Male Names
  • 379,615,725 Female Names
  • USA Census Names
  • Generate Emails
  • Include Random Numbers
  • Transfer to Poster
  • TXT File Export
  • Name Your Child

Name and Email Generator

If you have ever needed to bulk generate fake names or emails to use when creating accounts, posting blog comments or when registering emails?

ScrapeBox isn’t just one of the most powerful SEO and Marketing tools on the planet, you can even use it to name your next child!

The Name Generator features a comprehensive list of both male and female first names, along with last names built from USA Census data of real names which gives it the ability to generate almost half a billion first and last name combinations. You can also choose to generate only male names, only female names, only first names or first and last names.

If you need to generate fake email addresses, the Name and Email Generator tool can do this too. You can enter any and the fake email generator will use the names database to generate millions of fake emails. There’s also the option to use random numbers in the email for uniqueness. Note, the email generator does NOT create or register the email account it simply generates the address which you can use register or use when blog commenting.

The Name and Email Generator is great for mass creating Names, Usernames and Addresses and along with the Comment Scraper you can generate all the data required to build links using the Comment Poster.

So with this tool you can easily generate millions of fake names and email addresses in just seconds!

Name & Email Generator

We currently do not have a tutorial video on this feature yet, however it’s simple to use. This is a free feature included with ScrapeBox, and is also compatible with our Automator Plugin.

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