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Expired Domain GUI

Are you looking to find expired domain available for registration fee, that already have solid backlink profiles and metrics in order to give new sites a head start? How would you like to get domains that have backlinks from high authority websites like Wikipedia, CNN.com, NYTimes.com, BBC.co.uk, Huffingtonpost.com and many more?

These sorts of backlinks can sell for hundreds of dollars, but with the Expired Domain Finder plugin you can get domains like this for registration fees.

The Expired Domain Finder can crawl a website to extract domains, or it can scan a URL list you load to extract domains. The extracted domains are then checked if they are available to register, and if so checks various metrics you can configure like Moz, Wayback, DMOZ and social media shares as well as has numerous filters and options.

You can also set a “Filter applied to extracted domains” so if you are only looking for expired domains that are .com or contain the keyword “seo” these can be added to the whitelist so it will only scrape and lookup metrics for domains matching this criteria.

Likewise when crawling website such as cnn.com you can set a URL blacklist or whitelist using the “Filter applied to source URL’s” option. So you could set /2009/ to only crawl pages on CNN containing 2009 in the URL.

This is an awesome way to find high metrics domains for building websites, PBN’s or even to resell.

Note: Alexa.com been has been depreciated, therefore obtaining Alexa metrics is no longer possible.

Keyword Filters

Keyword Filter Crawling for domains related to a specific niche or TLD is easy with the Expired Domain Finder. It contains a number of filter options that can be applied to both the source sites you are crawling or the expired domains it’s finding.

For example if a large website you are crawling covers a broad range of topics, you can tell the Expired Domain Finder to only crawl URL’s containing a specific keyword, for example only URL’s containing the keyword “cars” or only containing “2010” if you want to crawl old archive pages from back in 2010.

You can also apply keyword filters or TLD filters to the expired domains being found.

So if you are hunting for high metrics domains that are either .com, .net, .org or .info and contain the words “Car” or “Bike” then you can set the realtime filter setup and get exactly the domain you want!


Metric Filters

Metric Settings Filter the expired domains you find based on a number of select-able metrics.

The expired Domain Finder can check metrics with Moz Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Moz Links, Facebook likes & Shared, Google +1 count, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Majestic TrustFlow, CitationFlow,  Majestic Backlinks and Referring Domains and the number of Wayback archive listings.

You can fine tune each metric threshold to filter found domains to suit the exact metric values you require.

Note: Moz and Majestic require an account to use those services.


Plugin Options

Plugin Options The Expired Domain Finder plugin also has the ability to save a snapshot of all found expired domains, along with all metrics of all domains.

This allows you to experiment with filters and remove domains with low metrics, remove or keep domains with specific keywords as well as sort metrics by clicking on the column headers.

If you wish to try other filters, you can simply load the original snapshot again to restore all domains. This is also great for saving your found domains so they can be reloaded at a later date.






Export Options

Export Options Once you have found and filtered your newly found expired domain with the metrics you need, and the keywords you are after the Expired Domain Finder Plugin has a number of export options.

All expired domains can be exported as a plain text file ready to register. Also domains and metrics can be exported to a .csv file in both comma separated or tab separated formats. Also all domains and metrics can be exported as an .xlsx file for use in Excel.



Grab the Expired Domain Plugin for just $47

The Expired Domain Premium plugin is only available to owners of ScrapeBox, to purchase you must be running ScrapeBox v2.0 or higher to access the “Premium Plugins” option in the menu. From here you can select “Available Premium Plugins” to purchase, and to download after you have paid as well as download plugin updates.

Also note the Expired Domain Plugin is a lifetime “per user” license, so if you have multiple ScrapeBox licenses registered to the one email address purchasing the Expired Domain once will activate the plugin for all your ScrapeBox licenses with the same email for life. The plugin is a one-time payment and is not a monthly or yearly subscription, all updates are free.

Expired Domain Tutorial

View our video tutorial showing the Expired Domain Plugin in action. This feature is a premium plugin available from the “Premium Plugins” menu in ScrapeBox.

We have hundreds of video tutorials for ScrapeBox.

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