Debug Mode

How to create a debug log for support

ScrapeBox can log various error codes and problems with it’s own custom internal error analysis which helps to identify various problems so they can be resolved. So support may ask you to send in a logfile if you are having issues which will allow your problem to be identified easily and fixed. To get the error log is quite easy, all you need to do is run ScrapeBox and then shut it down completely to generate the error log file.


After you do this simply navigate to the /Configuration/ folder inside the ScrapeBox folder. Here will be a file called scrapebox.sil which is the logfile. If you have Windows set to hide file extensions, it may just be called scrapebox with a white icon.


That’s it, all you need to do is attach the generated logfile to an email and send in to support. The debug log contains no personally identifiable information besides your registered ScrapeBox license Name and Email which we already know from your ScrapeBox purchase.

It also contains your Windows version, and your machine specifications such as CPU speed, RAM. All other details are directly related to the internal ScrapeBox code such as feature performance metrics and errors codes.