Contact Form Submitter

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Contact Form Submitter

  • Included with ScrapeBox
  • Multi-Threaded Connections
  • Random Names
  • Spintax Messages
  • Captcha Support
  • Proxy Support
  • Trainable Form Fields
  • Trainable Platforms
  • Auto solve math puzzles


Contact Form Submitter

Do you need a Contact Form Submitter to send email messages through website contact forms? Are you tired of low open rates with traditional email marketing?

ScrapeBox has a fast, multi-threaded contact form poster integrated as part of the blog commenter and trackback poster. This means it’s simple to use the Search Engine Scraper to scrape thousands of contact form URL’s from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and then send your messages to “Contact Us” forms. The Contact Form Submitter can use proxies for anonymity, as well as having the option to use random names, post multiple messages or use spintax to make messages more unique.

Posting to contact forms is a great way to obtains sales and leads, we have had feedback from many users saying this one feature has paid for ScrapeBox on the first day of use!

Advanced users will love the fact they can teach the poster new platforms, and also fully customize the form fields the poster can handle. So if you want to post to contact forms that have a non standard required form field such as “What is your age” that must be filled before the form will submit, then this can be added to the fully editable platform definition file.

This makes the Contact Form Submitter extremely powerful, and fast being able to post to hundreds or even thousands of forms per minute!

Captcha Support

captcha-setupAlso integrated is captcha solving to post to contact forms that contain a captcha, the third party sources supported are DeCaptcha, DeathbyCaptcha, ImageTypers, Antigate and CaptchaSniper/CaptchaBreaker.

The poster has an internal free math question solver to automatically solve various anit-spam math questions such as “15 + 5 – 3 =” giving it the ability to successfully post to a wide range of urls.

It’s capable of handling words like “six plus two minus one equals”, it can use multiple math symbols like : / * x + – ÷ and it can also compute math questions in German using mal, weniger, geteilt, und as well as words numeric words like eins, zehn etc.

A primary and secondary service can be setup with adjustable retries for each services, so for instance you can setup Captcha Sniper as the first service with 3 retries to try and solve the captcha using free OCR solving then if this fails to solve the captcha it can be sent to a service for human solving.

Using this method you can solve the maximum amount of captchas possible, with the least cost involved.

Test Messages

test-post Before posting, all messages can be tested to see what they will look like to the recipient.

So when you use multiple Names, Subjects and Messages with spintax for diversity you can be sure your messages are readable.

All spintax keywords are shown in red, and clicking “Spin” will show different variations of your message.

Clicking the Next buttons will scroll through your individual messages.


Contact Submitter Tutorial

View our video tutorial showing the Contact Form Submitter in action. This is a free feature included with ScrapeBox, and is available in ScrapeBox v2.0

We have hundreds of video tutorials for ScrapeBox.

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