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Image Downloader

  • Included Free with ScrapeBox
  • Multi-Threaded Connections
  • Resize Images
  • Convert Images
  • Select-able Image Types
  • Domain Based Folders
  • Filter By Size
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Fast Socket Download

Bulk Image Downloader

Do you need a simple, lightening fast image downloader to download all the images from a site or list of URL’s? ScrapeBox has got you covered!

The integrated bulk image downloader is capable of taking a list of URL’s from the same, or completely different websites and visiting each URL and downloading all the images contained on the page. So if the website has a gallery, or a page of images you are able to download them all locally on your PC.

This doesn’t require a web browser, so it’s extremely fast and can download with multiple simultaneous connections so you can download images from up to 200 different sites or pages at the same time.

ScrapeBox also has a Google Images Downloader if you wish to target images contained on Google Images instead of websites. Plus you can use numerous other ScrapeBox features such as the Search Engine Scraper or Sitemap Scraper to obtain lists of webpage URL’s you want to fetch images from.

Downloader Settings

grab-images-settings The Bulk Image Downloader has a number of options to customize the image downloads.

You are able to select the image types you want to download, so you can select to download just .jpg images for example if a gallery has all jpg photos. Or you can choose to download all images types including jpg, png, gif and bmp images.

Images can also be resized during download, so if you haveĀ  gallery of all large images and you want to download them and convert them to smaller thumbnails automatically you can just specify the new image width, height and if you want to keep the aspect ratio and all images will be resized.

Are you looking to download images of a specific size? You can also set the minimum and maximum image sizes you want to download. So if a gallery or web page has the same image in several different sizes, you can setup the min and max dimensions to target only specific image sizes.

You are also able to convert images automatically during download, so if the webpage has images in .png format and you want them in jpg you can set it to convert the image type during download.

Also when downloading images from multiple domains at the same time, you can select to save the images in to their domain based folders so you can easily see what images come from what websites.


Downloaded Images

Images Downloaded Images are downloaded to your PC, for offline viewing or use in your next project. All images will be saved as the filetype you can selected, and saved in domain based subfolders if selected.

Also images can be saved with a prefix on the filename. So if you download full size images and resize them in to thumbnails, you can add a “thumbnail-” prefix so all images names will be unique.

Bulk Image Downloader

View our video tutorial showing the Bulk Image Downloader in action. This feature is included with ScrapeBox, and is one of the numerous features available to ScrapeBox users.

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