Additional ScrapeBox Transfer

Obtaining an Additional License Transfer

ScrapeBox can be transferred once per month for free in case you get a new PC, re-install Windows, or want to move your license to another PC or Server. The free license transfers are reset on the 1st of every month at midnight AEDT for all users, so if you transfer your license on 20th August then on the 1st September you can transfer it again for free.

However if you transfer your license on the 20th August, then want to transfer it again before the 1st September you can purchase an additional license transfer for $10. This will allow you to transfer it again the same day, and then again on 1st September as usual.

Why do we do it like this? This was done instead of charging a $10 monthly subscription for everybody, regardless if you need to transfer your license or not.

Also instead of charging for major version updates, or charging for addons or support. runs on 5 servers and receives over 40 million hits per month from the tool, as well as hundreds of support emails per day and ScrapeBox is a fairly affordable lifetime license so the nominal cost for additional license transfers helps to keep things running and ensure it continues to function and receive updates well in to the future.

This is for purchasing additional license transfers only, it’s not for purchasing new licenses or changing platforms i.e. Windows to Mac.

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