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If you need to find and test proxies, then ScrapeBox has a powerful proxy harvester and tester built in. Many automation tools including ScrapeBox have the ability to use multiple proxies for performing tasks such as Harvesting Urls from search engines, when Creating Backlinks, or Scraping Emails just to name a few.

Many websites publish daily lists of proxies for you to use, you could manually visit these sites and copy the lists in to another tool and test them, then copy the list of working proxies to the tool you finally want to use them in… But the ScrapeBox Proxy Manager offers a far simpler solution. It has 22 proxy sources already built in, plus it allows you to add custom sources by adding the URL’s of any sites that publish proxies.

Proxy Harvester Tool

Then when you run the Proxy Harvester, it will visit each website and extract all the proxies from the pages and automatically remove the duplicate proxies that may be published on multiple web sites. So with one click you can pull in thousands of proxies from numerous websites. There’s also support for the DexterProxy API.

Next the proxy tester can also run numerous checks on the proxies you scraped. There’s options for removing or only keeping proxies with specific ports, keeping or removing proxies from specific countries, you can mark proxies as socks and you can also test private proxies which require a username and password to authenticate.

Also the proxy tester is multi-threaded, so you can adjust the number of simultaneous connections to use while testing and also set the connection timeout. It also has the ability to test is proxies are working with Google by conducting a search query on Google and seeing if search results are returned.

This way you can filter proxies for use when harvesting URL’s from Google.

Proxy Tester Settings Option Or you can use the “Custom Test” option, when you can add any URL you want the proxy tester to check against such as Craigslist, and specify something on the webpage to check for to know if the proxy is working such as a unique piece of text or HTML.

Once the proxy testing is completed, you have numerous options such being able to retest failed proxies, retest any proxies not checked so you can stop and re-start where you left off at any time or you can highlight and retest specific proxies. You also have the ability to sort proxies by all fields like IP address, Port number and speed.

To clean up your proxy list when done you can filter proxies by speed and only keep the fastest proxies, keep only anonymous proxies or keep only Google passed proxies. Then when done they can be saved to a text file or used in ScrapeBox.

When done the Proxy Tester can even send you an email to let you know your proxies are ready!

Also many users have setup ScrapeBox as a dedicated proxy harvester and tester by using our Automator Plugin. With this ScrapeBox can run in a loop around the clock harvesting and testing proxies at set time intervals and saving the good proxies to file so there’s fresh proxies always available for ScrapeBox and their other internet marketing or SEO tools.

This is one of the many features in ScrapeBox see more Features and free Addons