Ever wanted to mass harvest websites backlinks?

If you need to bulk check the number of backlinks for a list of URL’s and export the backlinks, this addon can.

Fetch the backlink count and backlinks.

Mass Backlink Checker Addon

Show backlinks and page titles for a URL:

Fetch Backlink Count Addon

Bulk Check and Extract Website Backlinks

The ScrapeBox Backlink Checker Addon allows you to load a list of domains or URL’s and then fetch the Yahoo backlink count, plus extract the top 1,000 backlinks for each domain. This is ideal if you are doing competitor research, or looking for link partners to place your link.

Once installed, you can load a list of domains harvested from ScrapeBox or load domains from a file, you can set how many concurrent threads you wish to use. The addon is multi-threaded and can retrieve the backlink count for 100’s of domains per minute. Once the results are fetched, you can export the URL’s, the backlinks and their page titles as an Excel spreadsheet, a .CSV file or simply save the backlinks to a plain text file for use in ScrapeBox or other software.