Ever wanted to mass check websites Alexa Rank?

If you need to bulk check the Alexa ranking of thousands of domains, then ScrapeBox can mass check url lists and export the results in multiple formats.

Bulk Alexa Rank Checker

Bulk Alexa Rank Checker Addon

Compile Alexa Data with this Free Addon

If you need to bulk check a list of domains to obtain their Alexa rank for competitor analysis, purchasing advertising or to simply keep records of all your own domains then ScrapeBox contains a free Alexa Rank Checker Addon available for download in the ScrapeBox “Addons” menu.

Once installed, you can load a list of domains harvested from ScrapeBox or load domains from a file, you can set how many concurrent threads you wish to use when checking and optionally use proxies which alternate with every domain checked. The addon is multi-threaded and can retrieve the Alexa ranking of 100’s of domains per minute. One the results are fetched, you can sort the data in the tool or export the data to tab separated .txt file, a .CSV file or in .XLS format.

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