Ever wanted to mass check if blogs are Dofollow?

If you need to bulk check web pages to find dofollow blogs to comment on, use this ScrapeBox Addon.

Mass Dofollow Checker Addon

Bulk Check and Filter Dofollow and Nofollow Blogs

Find dofollow blogs available to leave comments

If you need to bulk check a list of domains or URL’s to determine if they are dofollow or nofollow, this ScrapeBox addon can do it. This addon will scan Wordpress blog URL’s and analyze the comments currently on the page, it will then analyze if the Website link in these comments contains the nofollow attribute or if they are “dofollow”. So this free addon included with ScrapeBox is a great way to filter the best blogs for commenting on.

Once installed, you can load a list of domains harvested from ScrapeBox or load domains from a file, you can set how many concurrent threads you wish to use. The addon is multi-threaded and can retrieve the Dofollow or Nofollow status for 100’s of domains per minute. Once the results are fetched, you can export the data as an Excel spreadsheet, a .CSV file or simply save the dofollow or nofollow URL’s to a plain text file for use in ScrapeBox, other software or for manually leaving comments.

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